This Black owned PMS subscription box delivers joy and organic products to women monthly


It came: that deeply dreaded time of the month where I always think that my uterus is going to fall out. This month, I had somehow accumulated more water weight than Lake Michigan and had a craving for everything sweet AND tart, simultaneously. Cramping, bloating, and feeling exhausted, I pondered to myself, "I might don't make it". Ladies, can ya'll level with me for a second? Have we all had some of these days, where being a woman in the natural is just a bit too much to bear? Though we know and understand that our menstrual cycles are a beautiful (see: sometimes agonizing) part of life and an integral part of the reproductive process, we must be real: it's no walk in the park, unless your park has no flowers and thorn branches for benches. Thankfully, I was introduced to something that would put this reproductive machine to ease: the Femly Box.

"Femly is a natural feminine subscription company that delivers 100% cotton tampons, pads, organic snacks, menstrual cups, body care and more on a monthly basis." I had the opportunity to try the January subscription box and HONEY! These products have changed my life, in a phenomenal way. See, I have Uterine Fibroids and, because of the extreme period symptoms that accompany the type of fibroids I have, finding feminine products that are both comfortable and efficient isn't the easiest. More importantly, I was eager to find products that were natural, since chemicals were a major factor in my irritation with my condition. So when Femly reached out and offered this box of goodies, they were right on time.

Every Femly box contains something unique. Aside from the bountiful supply of tampons and/or sanitary napkins, there are treats and accessories for us to marvel over. My subscription box contained: a Que Bella mud mask, organic Chamomile and Lavender tea from Traditional Medicinals, delectable oatmeal cookies from Annie's Homegrown and a beautiful, matte eye shadow palette from elf Cosmetics. I had discovered heaven in this product box.

Each product particularly came in handy, as my menstrual days progressed and the symptoms rolled out like thunder. I decided to use the tampons, which come in a size assortment, daily, in place of my prior trusted products (Always). Initially, I was reluctant because of my condition and concerns of pain, but I persevered, being determined to find a resolution. The first thing I noted was the level of comfort; it felt as if I were wearing NOTHING at all! No cramping aaaaannnnd no discomfort!

Now, comfortable with the feminine products, I wanted to apply some of the other trinkets, in an effort to make this 7 days struggle the most soothing of times, all things considered. One bad day, I needed to unwind. I tried to nap, I tried to work out, I even tried to write a poem about how crappy I felt; no dice. So I went to apply the mud mask. As the mask set, I felt a strong craving overcoming me: I was hungry and had no idea what I wanted. Something sweet, like chocolate (which not-so-surprisingly WAS at the bottom of the box- thank you!) or something salty, like pretzels. Femly gave me the perfect fix with the oatmeal cookies from Annie's Homegrown. These mini cookies satisfied my cravings and brightened my mood. After consuming every cookie crumb, I rinsed the mud mask. Before I even got to add moisturizer, I could feel the difference in my skin. It was much smoother to the touch and clearer as if the few blemishes decided to retreat! I was super content. I wrapped up my testing with a hot cup of the tea that soothed my internal aches and lulled me straight to bed. The next morning, I arose and prepped for the day in brighter spirits. I applied the elf Cosmetics eye shadow and felt so good that I complimented myself! I was refreshed, energetic, and feeling lighter than ever. I believe that to be a result of the collective impact of the products provided in the Femly box!

 Founder of the Femly box, Arion Long believes the period is a monthly reminder of how strong women truly are. Her goal is to help women to use their period as a time for monthly renewal. The delivery of gifts and natural products helped me create exactly that. Find out more about more information and sign up for your monthly Femly Box subscription here.