Natural ways to get thicker hair

Thick and strong hair is a dream for all girls. We all want thick, long, and strong hair. But after a certain time or for certain reasons, our hair starts to fall. There are several ways to get thicker hair, but the most wanted way is a natural way. In natural methods, there will be no harmful side effects. In this article, I am going to share some natural ways to get thicker hair. So, let’s begin.

Volume shampoo:

Using a volume booster shampoo is the easiest way to get thicker hair. Find a mild and natural volume booster shampoo. Wash your hair thoroughly with that shampoo. After drying, it will give you a volume booster shampoo.

strong hair

Exfoliate your scalp:

Our scalp naturally produces some oils that have a lot of waste material from our bodies. That needs to be cleared out. Scrubbing the scalp can help to clear out the waste. It is essential to clean your scalp and get thicker hair.

Do not forget to oil before shampoo:

Oiling is another crucial step that we often ignore. Oil is essential for our hair roots. Mix some essential oils with coconut oil and castor oil as a base and massage it for some minutes.  Then leave it for 20 to 30 minutes and wash it with a mild shampoo.

Use natural products:

Always try to use natural products. These are free from harmful chemicals and any bad effects. You can try natural products or use natural ingredients like onion juice, lemon juice, gooseberry, hibiscus, etc. These will help you to get thicker hair.

Avoid using heat products:

Last but not least, avoid using heat products. Heat curlers, heat straighteners, or even heat hair dryers, all these products can harm your hair root. Try to air-dry your hair naturally.

These are some natural ways to get thicker hair. Try these and have patience. It will give you a great result.