Black Girl Fly Magazine

We amplify the voices of Black millennial women.

Black Girl Fly Magazine is a digital nexus cultivated to explore and shift the existing narrative of Black women in mainstream media. Through dialogue that is reflective of our many representations and experiences, we exhibit progressive commentary to contemporary lifestyles and issues. We speak to our social + cultural circumstances and celebrate our flyness across the globe.

BGF Mag is a space for Black Fly Girls of all walks to collaborate and share their perspective.



Meet the Collective



Nickecia “Nick” Alder

Founder + Editor-in-Chief

Nickecia “Nick” Alder arrived to Earth by way of Queens under the star Aquarius a mere 29 years ago, and she brings the classic cool individuality associated with these influences to everything she builds. Nick is Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Black Girl Fly Magazine and Co-Founder of Party Noire, two of the premiere destinations for #blackgirlmagic and #blackjoy. Striking the rarely mastered balance between culture savvy and solid research, she creates space in multiple senses of the word – digital and physical, the galactic and the everyday, future facing and resolutely in the now. Her spaces not only center, but also privilege, the queer spectrum and women of color, inverting the power paradigm with the precision of a social scientist and the compassion of your most trusted sisterfriend.

Sometimes affectionately called “Dr. Nick,” Nick is also Doctoral Candidate, training to become a clinical psychologist at Loyola University, with experience in leading workshops on wellness, mental health, and identity development from Dubai to Hawaii. Her international online following with Black Girl Fly (85k deep and counting) intersects with physical world through the development of Party Noire, a collaboration with Black Girl In Om’s Lauren Ash and DJ Rae Chardonnay. Rated Chicago’s #1 Dance Party by the Chicago Reader, Party Noire’s reach has extended beyond to Detroit and Brooklyn as well, due to the universal vision of Nick and her co-founders. 

Through bringing to reality a dream of Black women supporting each other with full fierceness, Nick not only promotes the image of equitable media representation, but promotes the actual development of a community in action with the creatives she chooses to support. This makes her work uniquely poised to shape current and future brands of strong digital and social media storytelling especially for Black millennial women. Standing at a mighty 4’11” with an often expansive yet relaxed approach to curation, Nick makes the work of building space look not only easy, but also refreshingly comprehensive and smart. When she is not juggling all of the above, she is collecting sneakers, capturing photographs or tweeting her favorite GIFs. Catch her on the interwebs at @word2nick and hit her up about anything, really:


Courtney Stradford

Co-Founder + Creative Director

Courtney Stradford hails from New York with a BS in Integrative Neuroscience from Binghamton University, an MS in Molecular Biology from Adelphi University and aspirations of adding an MD after her name. In addition to her studies, Courtney is the Co-Founder of Black Girl Fly Magazine and Founder of Curls & Couture; she melds all the things she loves: beauty, fashion, wellness, hair, science & Black women, of course. In all that she does, she hopes to inspire, educate and motivate all women who come in contact with her. Follow her, no seriously, you won't be disappointed: @curlsandcouture


Sabrina “Bri” Labossiere

Business Development and Strategy + Content Creator


Bri is a born-and-raised New York wallflower, searching for pieces of home and self in all places she ambles into. She is a writer, thinker, and gatherer of perspectives and individuals alike. As a creative director and artist, her work is a raw reflection of her existence, the world’s cultures and its times; telling stories that embody walks of life, self-awareness, histories, and more.

As the founder and director of NY-based non-profit the SLAPcollective - a unique melding of creatives intent on fostering safe spaces of self exploration and expressions - Bri is a conscious curator of resources and experiences, garnering collective dialogues and building community through artistry. Her interweb happenings can be found: @bri_bossy + @theSLAPcollective URL: Holla at Bri with your BGF business development opportunities:




Senior Editor + Content Creator


Rutherford is from Brooklyn, born and raised, and serves as Senior Editor for Black Girl Fly Magazine. She received her MS in Global Affairs from NYU and is dedicated to alleviating poverty around the world noting her greatest goal as becoming a superhero. Considering herself to be James Baldwin in couture, Ruth is excited about life and intends on writing about it. Follow her on Twitter and on Instagram. Pitch her your story at


Christina Dunn

Lead Social Media Coordinator


Christina Dunn is a University at Buffalo alumna with a double degree in Sociology and Communication. She hails from Queens, the home of greats like Nas and Run DMC. She spends her weekdays as the Audience Development Fellow at Oath (Formerly AOL; home of Tumblr and the Huffington Post). Christina has a love for curating content as well as putting pen to paper on all things hip-hop. Her fellowship's mission: “Building brands that people love,” describes Christina in a nutshell. Catch her digital moves: @christinadunn_____  + @theinitiative. Hit her inbox for all things BGF social media: 


Brittany Edwards

Content Marketing Manager + Growth Hacker


Brittany Edwards is an electrical and systems engineer and an alumna of Washington University in St. Louis. She is the growth hacker and content marketer for BGF, so analysis is basically her “thing”. Born and raised on Long Island, New York (shoutouts to the ‘burbs!), she is a nerdy black professional who loves physics as much as retro kicks and almost everything 90s. Find her on the web: @bnayy  URL: Direct your data + analytics queries towards Brittany, she got you:


Tyler Lawrence

Public Relations + Content Creator


Tyler Marie Lawrence is a West side, Chicago girl who carries her love for the city with her everywhere. Now residing in Indianapolis, she's wasted no time getting hands on in revitalizing the millennial culture there through her direct involvement with From Nap, With Love. A self starter, Ty taught herself the world of Public Relations and, after networking and working for other firms, took a leap of faith to found her own boutique firm, Mighty M.E. PR. Tyler obtained her B.A. in Sociology from the oldest private HBCU, Wilberforce University in Ohio and regularly applies her educational training around people, culture, and social interactions to her media centered career. Tyler is a person of passion and sarcasm. You can catch her on Instagram and Twitter, likely ranting, at @_mighty5. Got PR/Event coverage related questions? You can ask Tyler, she's a beast:



Vanessa Toussaint

Brand Marketing Manager + Content Creator

Vanessa is New York based digital marketer and storyteller. By day, she manages digital content and media campaigns for a technology company. When she is not working, she enjoys exploring NY, reading op-eds in the New York Times, and searching for her next apartment. Her dream dinner party guests include Claudia Rankine, Phylicia Rashad, and Beyonce. Vanessa believes Black girls are fly for several reasons, but if she had to choose one it would be their ability to empower one another. She's on the IG streets at @bellevaness. Feel free to drop her a line about advertisement + marketing opportunities at 


Katie-Ann Wallace

Administrative Assistant


Katie is a 2nd year Public Relations major and self-proclaimed Island Child and Carnival Baby. With a love for sunny vacations and good vibes she is on a bright path as she begins to establish herself within her field. Vacationing twice a year and being a full-time student Katie has learned the life hacks for being, what she calls, a “broke student on a budget with wanderlust”. She is always open to new projects and learning anything she can to develop her entrepreneurial bug. She believes that “Madness is Genius” because even the greatest minds were once thought to be insane. Vibe with her @kinksnqueens. Katie keeps the wheel on our remote team. From scheduling to inquiries, she will hold you down: katie@blackgirlfly.mag.


Rutherford + Azalia

Content Creators

Azalia Brown and Rutherford decided to play double-dutch on particular articles. Shout out to NYC public schools for not giving us tennis courts. Azalia (not Iggy or Banks) hails from Harlem, NY and Rutherford is one of those Brooklynites that thinks it's a country of its own. Despite their long distance friendship (yes, long distance), these two seem to have made it work—partly because they were stranded in the cold abyss that is Binghamton for four years—some refer to it as an undergraduate career. Not only do they write together, they protest, joke, shop and travel together too. Follow Azalia at @azaliaism and Rutherford at @lesocialnomad.