Yes, We're Still Watching: Grey's Anatomy Recap


I may still be the only person that watches Grey’s Anatomy, but I love it and I have no shame! Last night was its 250th episode and it was pretty awesome. If you aren’t up to date, everyone who was there that last time you watched, was killed or left the show but there is an entirely new crop of lovable characters to cling on to. Hi Jackson boo! <3 Synopsis in place, there was a significantly astute scene in last night’s episode that had me screaming at my television screen “yasss bih”! White girl Jo and bestie Black girl Stephanie had a falling out last week regarding Jo’s betrayal (she snitched about some sh*t). This week they made up, hugged, kissed and all that until White girl Jo gives Black girl Stephanie a microaggression that’ll have you yearning for the days of good old bold faced racism. I’m not entirely sure if the writers were purposeful in this way, but to those of us with overly sociopolitical leanings, we noticed something epic was taking place. It went something like this:

Jo: It makes sense now the way that you do things. You were sick, and I had a crappy childhood, but it made us even stronger, you know? We both had to work even harder to get to where we are. I just I feel like I understand you more. Stephanie: You understand me more because I was sick? Jo: I just don't understand why you didn't tell me. Steph (I can call her this now): You can't even wrap your mind around it, can you? That I might just be better at this than you are, that I might be stronger or smarter or more savvy. You need a reason for me to have an edge up on you. You need some deep, dark secret motivating me operating circles around you. You need an even playing field before you can be good with me. Stop trying to make us even, Jo, 'cause we're not even. Deal with your jealousy. Deal with your shortcomings. Those are on you. Don't put your crap on me.

After the official read, Steph drops the mic and exits.

This scene reminded me of those students at your favorite PWI who suggest your only entrée into a world of excellence or academia is due to affirmative action or any other selective program—the ones that would not so tacitly suggest characteristics outside of the realm of your control put you in place, not your intelligence or work ethic. It reminded me of those Black kids that want to distance themselves so much from their race so as to not have their skin color inform their personalities and their accomplishments and their success.

Shonda Rhimes’ programming has a way of addressing everyone’s experience in subtle, flawless ways. Well done Grey’s. Well done.

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