Willow Smith Teaches Us About Her Chakras in Visuals for "F Q-C #7"



Willow Smith is Black Girl Future in the new visuals for her single "F Q-C #7". Pronounced "Frequency Number Seven", the creative imagery is the perfect backdrop for Willow's hypnotic blend of her parents' musical influence of Metal and R&B. The young genius told FADER:

"The different Me’s represent my Chakras. Yellow is Self-confidence, Blue is my voice (song), Red is my survival instinct, and the Black is a combination of everything (the true me)."





Carefree and aware, Willow has us wanting to vibrate on frequency seven. Smith shared exclusive behind the scenes footage with Fashion Publicist and DJ, Kitty Cash and had this to say about the video:

"I want this video to show young girls -- who want to do music and just girls in general -- not to feel pressured to have to show their bodies or act a certain way. Here on Earth is a tough journey but undeniably beautiful. This song beckons to the kid who's stuck in the system and wants to be free."


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