"Wild" (Girls of Summer) Swimwear Line by Zubaida Zang

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Zubaida Zang, Fashion Designer
NA: Tell our readers who you are, where you are from and what you do.
ZZ: Zubaida Simi Zang, 22 year old Nigerian Born, Toronto based Fashion Design student. I moved here in beginning of 2012 to pursue a career in Fashion Design.
NA: What motivated you to become a fashion designer?
ZZ: I just love the idea of designing looks, sketching and bringing them to life.
NA: What was your vision for "Wild" line? What are some your cultural influences in the line?
ZZ: From hawking fruit baskets - which is something you see everyday in Nigeria - to the 90s details on the pieces, The Wild collection was created by me fusing a lot of my influences together. My main goal was to just have fun with it! lol There are too many gurus that have their rules with what should go in my swimwear collection, but I just wanted to create something true to me with what the resources I had and gradually build from there. With the photography I wanted to capture nature, friendship & adventure. The shoot was exactly what you saw, everyone had a lot of fun!
NA: What other collections/projects are you working on? What can we be on the look out for?
ZZ: I'm working on a dress collection for the summer.. One of a kind pieces that can be worn from day to night so look out for that. :~)
NA: Why are Black girls fly?
ZZ: Black girls are fly just because [period].

Also, I have to add, that we're often duplicated and rarely credited. One of the reasons I shaved my head recently was because I needed to completely erase the idea of what was socially accepted and unlearn the ideal standard of beauty that had been placed in my head subconsciously. Too many non-black people appreciate and sometimes pay for our features so why shouldn't we love and appreciate ourselves completely???  I've been natural for a couple years, but bald I'm able to see and appreciate all my features, even the ones I've been conscious about in the past (like my ears lol) and honestly today I feel even more beautiful.
Black is beautiful, no matter the shade. The whole light skin vs dark skin has a lot to do with self-hate and the lies that blinds society. I want my work/art to serve a purpose - social change - and encourage more girls, to put those labels aside, come together, love ourselves and use that overflow of self-love to also appreciate others. #blackisblack #nomattertheshade  #ourblackisbeautiful #blackgirlsarefly

Creative Director/Designer: Zubaida Zang

Photographer: Nathalia Allen, Jeremy Rodney

Styling: Zubaida Zang, Kira, Dafna R, Vanessa Sanchez

Make-Up: Kira, Rosa Farquharson, Nashia Maxwell

Models: Kira, Rosa, Kyla, Theo, Zubaida

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