As we transition from BHM to Women’s History Month, we’d like to invite you all to get in touch with your history as a woman of color. Take some time to consider your own personal [woman’s] history: do a little self-exploration and reflect on where and of what you are from - put a few words to it! Tell us where you are from and who you are in your own "Where I’m From" poem - Send your submissions to submissions@blackgirlflymag.com. OR post a pic on IG that represents where you are from and caption your poem. #WhereImFromBGF

We’ll share your “Where I’m From” stories and do special highlights throughout the month to celebrate all of the places and things that make Black Girls Fly"


This journey of cultivating purpose and all kinds of love in my life has taken me many places. Last May I registered myself as a mentor in a school-based program called iMentor (based in NYC & Chicago). They match college educated mentors with students from low-income communities with the goal to build relationships that empower them to graduate high school, succeed in college, and achieve their ambitions.

The first year is all about getting to know each other and our first assignment to facilitate the sharing was to write a “Where I’m From” poem. I was amazed at how much I considered when I really thought about where and of what I am from.

The following list poem is the example that was discussed with the mentees before they wrote their own poems to introduce themselves to their new mentors. Once we got their poems we then had to write and share our own (mine is below as well).



“Where I’m From” - Dorease W.


I am from Soul Train, from Sulfur 8 and Afro Sheen cosmetics

I am from bacon sizzling, hair straightening, gospel playing

I am from the Aloe Vera and the olive oil

I am from family walks after dinner and singing around the piano, from Jaqueline and Kenneth and The Walkers

I am from the West Indian culture, love & respect and love your self first before demanding it from others


From “A hard head makes a soft behind”, and “Your eyes may shine, your teeth may grit, but none of this treat you gonna get”

I am from a Christian home

I am from Jamaica by way of New Jersey and plantains & curry goat


From my grandma Doris waking me up for Saturday chores, the smell of Pine Sol and Ajax Cleaner

I am from a line of strong Queens


“Where I’m From” - Bri.L


I am from the universe - the moons and the stars - even the ones that never twinkle

I am from late nights and early mornings full of hard work and fearless creativity

I am from laughter and love and freedom

From a well of happiness and silver linings

I am from discipline and practice and commitment + all of life's misfortunes


I am from New York

From a broken home by way of two Haitian immigrant parents

I am from roots deeper than the earth knows that I still unearth daily


I am from myself, within - through and through

Through writing, New York native, Bri.L, has produced a creative voice that speaks for the sake of her mind and heart. Her poetry is a raw reflection of the world’s culture - telling stories that embody life, consciousness, acceptance and more – from unpredictable perspectives. At an early age, putting pen to paper became a way for her to heal, to evoke, to love and she’s been left to write ever since. For more on how she tells it, visit www.beenlefttowrite.com | IG: @Bri_Bossy