How Black Panther has been influencing fashion

New York Fashion Week just recently passed us by—literally and figuratively of course. Because, though we love the eccentric takes on the fashion we see on Crosby Street or Broadway, a week just doesn't seem like long enough to celebrate the industry. Also, there’s that pesky little racism thing that seeps its way into every thread of your tweed skirt suit. See The Cut’s take on the discrimination oft associated with fashion--nothing new of course. BUT lucky for you, I’m going to pretend racism doesn’t exist for the rest of this article. You’re welcome.

Keep reading to see how Marvel's latest hit film, Black Panther, has influenced fashion. 

 Source: @chigisworld

Source: @chigisworld

Theater Dress Code

So you thought folks were joking about attending the premiere dressed in the garb of the motherland? Nope! There were Black Panther inspired ‘fits (shout out to Huey P. + Bobby). There were Coming to America ‘fits (shout out to the King of Zamunda). And then there gelees and agbadas that had us booking a first class ticket to the motherland because duh and who wants to fly all that way with limited leg room. 

Small Businesses Flourished

And when I say flourished, put an extra emphasis on both syllables. There were pins created for the occasion, clutches, tees and a number of other Black Panther themed articles of clothing—which leads me to the next point…

The Creation of a Black Panther Themed Shoe Collection


Brother Vellies, spearheaded by its Creative Director Aurora James, created a capsule collection in collaboration with Marvel and Black Panther. If you don’t have time to read any further: it’s dope. Not just fashion-forward, this line goes below the surface.

Referred to as “sculptural pieces”--yes, sculp-churrrr-ahllll, they examine personal insecurities and themes around being a Black woman (okay?!) and a Black woman designer. Each shoe explores tropes we constantly find ourselves engaging in.

They’re being sold as one of a kind pieces, so get yours quickly—like right now. No, seriously. Now. 

Check out the hashtag #WakandaFashion for some more fun Black Panther themed outfits.