A View from Within: Women's History Month Campaign


A View From Within Sometime in December of 2015, Ayesha Curry, chef and wife of basketball player Stephen Curry took her Twitter page to make comments concerning the way women dressed. Making statements like keeping the "good stuff" covered up for the "one who matters" was taken disparagingly by some, agreeable to others and not a big deal to the rest. And Twitter in Twitter fashion had a nationwide conversation about the comments.


On a quest to find out some of the overarching opinions from different age groups on the topic at hand, Black Girl Fly Magazine journeyed through the deep abyss of New York City high schools (just kidding--those kids were great) and to the homes of elders to figure out what about the way a woman dresses causes such an upheaval--such a visceral reaction. For the following week, we will be publishing articles and interviews from women about women. Absent are the perspectives of men on how women should dress, but the devil of patriarchy isn't necessarily absent as well. Join us as we attempt to dissect the intricacies that are involved in how we manufacture our appearances and how we judge the appearance of others.

The ask of these women was simple: how should women dress and what is that answer informed by?

For Women’s History Month Black Girl Fly Magazine is launching a campaign titled A View from Within; it features a multigenerational perspective on women's dress. Join us on social media to learn more about the authors and to share your input on the topic.

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