have you ever heard the rumble of a jungle skipping on a beat bass lines echo tainting the walls of your innermost being Vibrations ranging frequencies otherwise dedicated to white noise speaking words you've never had the mind to articulate

have you ever felt the warmth of the Earth reaching for the moon lyrics scatter dancing on the edge of sanity Voices bellowing in rhythm with the stars defying gravity while proving it all in one instance

have you ever tasted the importance of air stretching to the brink of absence rifts radiate awakening the spirits of beasts and goblins Souls finding voice in the calm of empty spaces highlighting the refuge of a breath

have you ever smelled the sweetness of a passion seeping from depths unknown verses permeate striking chords you never knew to be strung Auras spanning the limits of the Milky Way challenging and reaffirming traditions in the same pulsation

have you ever begotten the power of music

Through writing, New York native, Bri.L, has produced a creative voice that speaks for the sake of her mind and heart. Her poetry is a raw reflection of the world’s culture - telling stories that embody life, consciousness, acceptance and more – from unpredictable perspectives. At an early age, putting pen to paper became a way for her to heal, to evoke, to love and she’s been left to write ever since. For more on how she tells it, visit