The Vanity subscription box will have your hair stress-less

As a Black woman with natural hair who likes to switch it up more than the 4 seasons and whose mother is a hairstylist and uncle is a barber, I have always been taught the value of proper hair care and maintenance. More than just a shampoo and conditioner, hair care is comprised of a variety of routines, based on the variations of hair textures, lengths, strengths, and even authenticity (because upkeep of synthetic hair is a ‘thing’, too). Recently, our friends over at The Vanity Box decided that it was time for the girls of BGF Mag to get their hands and hair into their product line! So I, the now self proclaimed hair whisperer, took on this task with great joy! Here’s what you need to know:

The Vanity Box has become one of the fastest growing and most popular brands in the urban hair and beauty space. With a fearless, fun and fabulous approach to life, The Vanity Box has amounted retail boutiques in the U.S. and a massive online following.” The box I received contained: The Vanity Box Body Boost Dry Shampoo, the Rescue Me! Shampoo, the Intense Repair CPR Conditioner, the Moisture to the Max Leave-In Conditioner, Curl Souffle, measuring tape (because we have to check those inches, honey), a compact mirror, and the Vanity Vixen Body Brush (for the bundles of waves and kinks, alike) along with other trinkets and goodies, including a booklet of fierce quotes and sayings to remind you of how bad you truly are. I loved it!

This hair care package of goodies could not have arrived at a better time. I was down to minimal, natural products and was researching new brands to test out. My hair, prior to the product application, was dried out from the sun and constant dyeing; it was dull, and dirty. I utilized the Rescue Me! Shampoo--lathered, rinsed, and repeated! The sweet smelling shampoo had bubbles galore and great lather ability. It opens up the scalp and allows pores to breathe! I felt in that moment my head thanked me for the purification and fresh breeze of cleanliness. This was just step one: clean hair.

Now that my hair was clean, I needed to add moisture. The Intense Repair CPR Conditioner has a smooth application, is light and rich, and left my hair feeling baby feet soft! I witnessed my curl pattern exhibiting more definition, as if they’d seen the light and wanted to be ready for action. My hair was coming back to life! Once I rinsed the conditioner, I opted to combine the Moisture to the Max Leave-In Conditioner with the Curl Soufflé. My mission was to use the two products to prepare (i.e. condition) and revitalize my hair and restore the curl definition that I love, simultaneously. Applying the leave-in, first, then the soufflé, I used my palms to define my curls, in the same fashion as most naturals utilize the sponging technique (hands are free, sponges cost). The result was amazing! My hair felt light, soft, it shined, and my coils were so defined! I was so happy with the result, I stood in the mirror in my bathroom and took dozens of selfies; I was feeling myself and my hair was the cause!

The next day, I used the Body Boost Dry Shampoo to bring my hair back to life. I didn’t have to apply any of the other products again; the dry shampoo served as a refresher for my hair and scalp, and it also smelled just as amazing as the shampoo and conditioner. The Vanity Box is a product subscription box that caters to the natural woman who is not afraid to diversify her hair, whether with extensions or au natural. Ladies, do yourselves a favor and purchase one, today!