You need Tracy G's audio affirmations in your self-care toolkit.

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Do you ever feel down, like you can’t get through your day? You probably don’t have your friends and family around constantly reassuring you that everything will be fine, saying, ‘you can do this!’ ‘you’ve got this!’, but who does?

You can’t seem to boost yourself up or your energy. Maybe everything is seemingly going wrong and you feel as if you’re aboard a sinking ship. I’m here to tell you that this is all in your head. Well, actually, Tracy G is!

Tracy G is a self proclaimed edutainer who can be heard on Sway in the Morning as co-host of the radio show. She recently dropped an audio affirmation EP called “Love Light and That Good Sh*t.”

If you’re not sure what an affirmation is, it is emotional support or encouragement. With this project she is bringing vision boards to the audio world. Her EP is filled with advice and uplifting commentary set to a steady flow of beats. It’s also dope to know that she has written, voiced, and executive produced this gem! By the looks of Tracy G’s charismatic personality and tenacious spirit #She’sBeautyAndTheBeast.

Delivering positivity through an uplifting perspective, Tracy and her soothing voice are there for times when it is difficult to encourage yourself to move forward.

I know that fear keeps all prizes at high value, so I am willing and able to feel the fear and press the hell forward anyway.
— Track 2: The Becoming

Her topics of affirmation cover everything from emotional wellness and money management to relationships, love, and sex. She also speaks on self-restraint and above all else RESILIENCE.

Thus, with an affirmation you are essentially guiding yourself into positive thoughts for your current and future presence as well as your mental yet physical spaces. So if you’re in need of a pick me up on your morning commute to work, reassurance of a situation that is bothering you, or even a motivational soundtrack to soak into your subconscious before bed, definitely download this EP!

Check it out!