Top Albums of 2015


  9. Wildheart- Miguel

If you wanted to feel sexy , this is the album you want to listen to. I’m talking about looking in the mirror and letting yourself know how sexy you are. This is what Wildheart does. Releasing it in the summer was perfection, summer and sexy just go with one another. The jammy jams are: The Valley, Coffee, and Face the Sun.

8. Surf-Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment

This album gives me funk without diving too far in the past. Faves are: Wanna Be Cool. SmththtIwnt, and Rememory. Ms. Badu is on this last track if you needed any extra encouragement.. Any young artist that can collaborate with “Lo Down Loretta Brown” is alright with us.

5. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late- Drake

Drake is getting back to his mixtape roots, making an album that has surely stayed on repeat. Some faves are Know Yourself, 6 God, and Madonna. The beats from Oliver 40 definitely complimented Drake’s witty and emotional rhymes. This album is on permanent repeat.

4. Ego Death- The Internet

The Internet decided to play absolutely no games with this album. When a friend introduces you to good music that’s a friendship that deserves to be cherished for many, many years. Syd Tha Kyd. Syd. Tha Kid. Say it with me. She executive produced the album, so supporting a woman of color is the cherry on top. Homegirl still works with Odd Future but also blesses The Internet with her talents. Some favorite jams are: Get Away, Special Affair, and Something’s Missing. Honestly, if you just play this album and relax, you’re in for a treat.

3. To Pimp A Butterfly-Kendrick Lamar

Thank God for conscious and political artists who can be the voice of a generation without being preachy and contradictory. His rhymes are reminiscent of A Tribe Called Quest while the poetry and compilation of his album continue to be amazing. Kendrick Lamar's most recent album will give you exactly what you need at any time. Play the whole album while getting your conscious on. The all time favorite is Alright--listen to this as your morning war song or as your end of the day uplifting son. It'll do the job, we promise.

2. The Epic- Kamasi Washington

Did you ever wonder about the saxophones on To Pimp A Butterfly? For my jazz aficionados, snobs, and fans, please do yourself a favor and check out this album. Kamari Washington conducted the string section on To Pimp A Butterfly (courtesy of Billboard).  I most recently gifted this album to my father and he was extremely excited. Put this album on repeat because it blends well with most others songs.

1. Ibeyi-Ibeyi

My favorite album of the year is by this French-Cuban duo. Ibeyi means twin in Yoruba and their music infuses Afro-Cuban culture with heavy percussion and Yoruba traditions. They pay homage to their late father and sister with Think of You and Yanira. There's no favorite with this two because the whole album is amazing. These two sisters are immensely talented and their music both heals and inspires.

Rachel DuboseRachel DuBose is Chicago-based playwright returning to the area by way of Atlanta, GA. After finishing her undergraduate career at Spelman College, Rachel went on to work with NinaHoliday Productions and BET. Some of her work, Eve Within and Alkie's Anonymous have received stage readings at Spelman with the latter being showcased at The Alliance Theatre during Spelman Salon. Most recently, Lonely Hearts participated in The Fade 2 Black Festival in Houston, TX. Rachel holds a Master of Fine Arts in Writing for the Screen and Stage from Northwestern University.  Rachel is also a resident playwright at Mercy Street Theatre Company and a regular contributor for Black Girl Fly Magazine.