Top 10 Mommy and Minis of 2015



@Andresha.d and her fly mini @belletrends

by Christina Dunn

Black Motherhood has a long history of being laced with struggle, unconditional love and protectiveness. All qualities with have stemmed deep from the separation of mother and child during slavery.

Through gains unmatched, we have lived through a generation where modern black motherhood is praised. The first African-American First Lady, Michelle Obama, is an educator, lawyer, advocate and most importantly a phenomenal mother. She is the reflection of all that a mother can be, hardworking and nurturing.

Black Mothers are the strength of the black family structure. Black Girl Fly recognizes that motherhood shouldn't only be celebrated on Mother's Day. Out of this premise evolved, Mommy and Mini Monday's--a social network campaign which provides a transformative and positive look on black motherhood and the black children they raise.

Mommy and Mini Monday (#MommyAndMiniMonday) is one of the highlights of BGF's weekly lineups on Instagram. We celebrate black motherhood by sharing fun content of numerous mothers and their children. The videos and pictures shed light on the dynamic lifestyle of being a mommy. Mommy duties, mini's reading books, mini play dates, lunch time and even nap time are all presented on Monday’s.

The mini's lighten up Instagram's timeline with bright smiles, natural fly (hair)-do’s,  skips across the street and smeared ice cream faces. We can't forget the Mothers who raise them either. These strong resilient women aren't just mothers but also full time workers and of course stylish! The mommies featured are your everyday mom in your neighborhood, brand ambassador moms and even mommy fashion bloggers. It's safe to say that, mommy’s run the world!

Black Girl Fly loves the fly mother's we feature. We commend them on the hard work they put into raising the Kings and Queens of the future. Our Monday line up of mommy and mini's featured the top Mommies of 2015.

The Top 10 IG Mommy and Mini's of 2015 are:

1. MomCrushMonday


2. BossMom_Shah


3. CallMeMsHunter


4. JFashionGirl87


5. ScoutFashion


6. Andresha.D


7. Jadenscloset__/Dudette__


8. Aspen.Cross


9. Mattieologie


10. OfficialElizabethMXO



Each of these fly mommies’ exhibits what it means to be the modern day mother. They run businesses, are professional bloggers, vloggers and natural hair enthusiasts. The mini’s are their shadows, mirroring their great style and fly ways. The Top 10 mommies of 2015 keep their families strong and are the essence of amazing black mother role models. These fly mommies are true #GOALS!  

tumblr_ny48vkdt6g1twknzxo1_1280Christina Dunn was born and raised in Queens, New York, but has spent her undergraduate years 8 LONG hours away at the University at Buffalo (SUNY). As she journeys through her senior year, she will be finishing off her double major in Sociology and Communication. Christina balances interning, school and advising UB’s Black Student Union. She has found her calling in communication, currently interning at Buffalo’s #1 Inspiration station, WUFO 1080 AM. She has varying interest: social justice reform, research, sports (basketball junkie), music and contemporary art. Christina embodies what it means to be a fly black girl through AMBITION and ACTION. Black Girls are fly because they strive to be in positions where their voices are not only heard but are followed! Find her: IG: @_wheatsdunn