To Panama with Love


Ruth-Panama My journey began in Florida where I got to witness one of my best friends’ weddings. It was one of those surreal occurrences where I was able to live in the past, present and future. I won’t harp on the festivities, as you probably don’t know her and you likely don’t care. Haha. Congratulations to her nonetheless.


From Florida, I had the pleasure of joining some of my immediate family in Panama. It was surreal. Everything seems better when it’s new or different and even with this in mind I still fell in love with Panama’s appeal. I stayed at the American Trade Hotel for the latter part of my journey and did not want to leave. The view, the service, the comfort and the food were all worth my time and my money. On my voyage, I went on a road trip and saw El Cristo Negro (Black Jesus), and had an overall excellent experience in the country. The pace was slow. The food was amazing. The weather was perfect. Even with the rainstorms in the morning, it was a romantic experience.


Traveling with other people inevitably brings up scenarios that you seldom think of though. Traveling in general tends to do this.


These questions are ones that don’t manifest when you’re hanging out in your hometown, but inevitably come up when you travel. Some never get answered and incur worthy stress every time it’s time to board a flight. I’ve included some below. Let us know what you think or what you do.

  1. To dress comfortably or fancily when boarding the plane? When flying, especially on particularly long fights, it might be appealing to throw on a pair of sweats. The question arises, though: do you want to arrive to your destination in those same sweats? To change on the flight or not to change on the flight, that is the question.
  2. To poop or not to poop en route?? I use "poop" because it sounds prettier--kind of, right? Again, particularly long flights might create scenarios that you seldom think of. The thought of that tiny bathroom and that vacuum-like flush... *cringes*
  3. To pack light or not to pack so light. I confess, I would rather lug around every pound of the fifty-pound limit than leave a bracelet or t-shirt behind. My sister says one day I will learn. I say, I doubt it.
  4. All-inclusive resort or dine with the people of the land. No choice for me here. I always choose the people.
  5. Beach all day, club all night or both and everything in between? I like to leverage my time and money. Hotel rooms are for sleep, showering and that is all. You'll catch me out all day and definitely all night.
  6. The question of souvenirs! I've traveled a lot due to my passions and due to the requirements to fulfill my degree. Always feeling like I should let my loved ones know I was thinking about them, I've returned to the states bearing gifts in plenty. I'm realizing this thought process is quickly changing. This is definitely for the better.
  7. To repeat outfits or.... I can't. Just. no.

On the way to Panama, I realized that I need to be more strategic when I leave town. Given my refusal to compromise my packing tendencies, I’ll have to explore other ways.


#Currently in Greece. I’ll come back with a full report!

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Ruth Jean-Marie is a recent graduate of New York University where she received her Master’s of Science degree in Global Affairs with a concentration in human rights and international law. Dedicating her life to the alleviation of misery around the world, her greatest goal is to become a superhero. Her interests include fashion, equality for women and Black people--that real equality, not the surface level stuff, traveling around the world and writing. She's excited about life and intends on living it. She also has a mild obsession with shoes, shopping and sharing her opinion. You'll hear all about it. Follow Ruth on Twitter at @lesocialnomad and on Instagram at @lesocialnomad and @toharrietwithlove.