The Balancing Act of Black Motherhood



As my maternity days were coming to an end, I felt myself starting to get nervous all over again. I remember the first thoughts I had when I became pregnant: "am I ready to be a mom?, will I have a girl or a boy?, how will I break the news to my family?" Then the time came for me to deliver my sweet bundle of joy and all those thoughts I first had soon were replaced with new ones.

You bring your little precious gift home and you bask in all of the joys of being a new parent. While home, you're able to experience a few "first" and because your so excited you make sure you snap pictures often and if there's time you may even catch the moments on video.


Although your extremely tired, you're having so much fun and you soon realize a month or two has passed. Now you have to take a step back and think about the Full Time job you left to have your baby, because your leave end date is slowly approaching. So now you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to transition back into work life. 


Well I'm here to tell you, you're not alone. More women are working sooner after birth according to With 31 million mothers in the U.S whom work and have children under 18, 88% of working parents suffer from stress related health problems. That is why it is important that as a new mom you figure out the best way to effectively balance work/school & motherhood.


I know how stressful it could be trying to figure out how your going to manage your full time job, or schooling while still being the best mom you can be for your children. So I've brain stormed some tips on how I successfully balance work, school and motherhood.




Graduate of Bloomsburg University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies, Janae Knox is continuing her education at Eastern University where she is pursuing a Masters of Business Administration & Healthcare. Hoping to one day turn her passions into pay checks, she enjoys video blogging and managing her children’s brand, outside of being Chair of the Board for the Care More foundation, and being a contributing writer for Black Girl Fly Magazine. Her experience and work ethic doesn’t stop there, to see more please check out her Linked In account or subscribe to her YouTube channel.