Thanks Again Obamas: Thousands of Free Books Available



As though you needed another reason to love the President and First Lady of the United States, Barack and Michelle Obama and as though you even had any more space on the long list of attributes and accomplishments that cause you to like them, the Obamas have given us yet another bullet point to consider. As a part of President Obama's ConnectED initiative, the New York Public Library has agreed to create a special e-reader for school children making countless--ok, thousands, of books available to young children. The initiative launched at the end of February and there are still some minor kinks they're working out.

The program is called Open eBooks and the selection offered will be targeted to kindergarten through 12th grade. Books will be free to borrow with the intention of exposing lower income households to more literature. There is a direct correlation with the amount of books that are in one's home and the academic achievement of students in said home. With the creation and use of this app, that correlation will positively impact low income households.

See below for Michelle Obama's launch announcement:


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