Summer's Woman of the Year


@SummerSunshineFace woman of 2014 award goes to, Baddie B.

Beyonce has always been a favorite of mine, but this year she took things to another level.

Her surprise shockingly open album is still blasting through my speakers, but I'm not ashamed to admit that! She slayed new fashion risks and challenged some of societies unfortunate stereotypes.
If that wasn't enough, the girl had the nerve to release that "yours and mine" video that allowed us to get a more in depth understanding of who some of B is from her perspective and a little about what she thinks about some pretty deep stuff. I felt so bad when she expressed the "complexities of being famous but is determined to never be a victim" and stated that "when you become famous you become property of the public." Beyonce said she was a girl that just wanted a beautiful view of the beach -_-
Yet she's soo perfect at everything she does!
Uhh, who does she think she is?
That'll be Mrs. Carter to us! She's a self proclaimed humanist who allowed music and dance to be an outlet from painful experiences growing up. She's so passionate about the words she's singing and promotes feminism, relationship blues and clues, flawlessness, being happy, independent women, and being crazy in love!
I think her and Jay's love for each other spoke volumes this year as they actually displayed public affection, and public rumors. They don't seem to be getting that divorce any time soon though, sorry fellas!
Through it all she remains professional and poised. Even if her sister is kicking her husbands ass in the elevator. "Of course shit goes down when there's a billion dollars in the elevator!"" God damn God damn god damn."
Last but not least, I must express my feelings regarding her decision to keep Ms. Blue's hair all natural. I thinks it's black girl fly and am glad she hasn't allowed the people who speak nastily about her "natural" hair, cause her to change her daughters texture through chemicals. She gets extra mommy and mini fly points from me. Wear your princess crown Blue and laugh at the haters !
Happy New Years and cheers to many more fly Queen B moments in 2015
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