Hair Care Summer Series: How to Maintain Healthy Hair

Black Girl Fly Magazine will be releasing a four part series on summer hair care. For the month of July, we will be publishing fun hair facts, tips and styles. Part I is dedicated to keeping your hair protected and flourishing.  We have officially reached the pinnacle of summer *cues Drake Summer Sixteen* and if you’re anything like me you have probably been laying out at the beach or turning up at a festival. As much as I love the warm weather and getting a tan, the sun can take a serious toll on my hair. So, I’m going to give you the top 5 tips to keep your curls on point this summer.


First up, moisture! I cannot stress how important moisturizing your hair is, I mean who wants dry brittle curls? Not I, and I’m sure you don’t either. So during the summer months water is your best friend. Carry a spray bottle of water and leave in conditioner mix or a curl refresher spray to keep your hair hydrated throughout the day. Don’t forget to drink tons of water as well. Our bodies are made up of 60-70% water so staying hydrated is essential for your body to operate efficiently.

Water bottle and Obia Natural's Hydration Spray

Secondly, don’t be shy with shampoo. I know many of us naturals tend to steer clear of shampoo fearing that it will strip our hair. However cleansing your hair thoroughly is a must, especially in the summer. The chlorine, salt water, and product buildup can cause your curls to become brittle and break. If you are swimming often, keep a good clarifying shampoo on hand and be sure to deep condition afterward to replenish moisture and give your tresses a nice spa day.

Bonus Tip: Before swimming wet your hair with water and then coat with an oil to create a barrier between your hair and the salt water and chlorine. You'll thank me later!

Beauty Blogger @HeyGorjess pictured

Third (and still very important): trim ,trim trim! The best way to maintain healthy hair is to keep the dead hair away. Split ends will continue to split up the hair shaft over time and the harsh elements of summer will only make it worst. Don’t be scared of a good trim to keep your locks luscious.

Hair Stylist @Vinvenzo_Stylist trimming @beautybylee's hair

Fourth: Protect your hair while you’re out in the sun! Simply grabbing yourself a cute hat or scarf and tucking those tendrils away will do a world of good. This is the easiest way to protect your hair from harsh UV rays aaaand you can be fashionable at the same time.

Blogger @modelesque_nic rocking her head wrap from @thewraplife

Last but not least, do your best to stay away from direct heat and leave your hair alone! Your locks are already baking under the sun so no need to add even more heat. Excessive manipulation is a sure way to cause your hair to break so wear your mane in no-fuss styles. Protective styles that don’t create too much tension on your scalp and edges such a crochet styles, buns, cornrows, wigs and twists are best.

Blogger @curlsandcouture slaying cornrows for the summer

If you have more tips on how your care for your hair during the summer leave some comments below!

Courtney Danielle Stradford is co-founder and creative director of Black Girl Fly Magazine. Born and raised in Staten Island, N.Y she is the epitome of a true New Yorker. She has an unwavering passion for fashion, hair, culture and of course a love for brunch! Courtney has a Master's degree in microbiology and is moonlighting as a natural hair and beauty enthusiast. She began her natural hair journey over a year and a half ago. By combining her creativity and passion she founded her brand Curls and Couture. The Curls and Couture brand caters to the natural, fashionable and fit woman while serving as a platform for advice and inspiration.

Courtney believes that every woman is a Queen. She seeks to Uplift, encourage and inspire Black women in every aspect of life. Find Her:  @curlsandcouture