Solo Continues to be Epic



Solange continues to prove to the most epic Black woman of 2014. First, she broke the internet with thee fiercest, carefree Black Girl wedding ever. Just days later, she took to her Instagram to give a preview of her newest collaboration with  PUMA. The winter/fall 2014-2015 capsule collection of sneakers titled “Wild Wonder” is Solo’s reinterpreted PUMA’s classic XT2 model. The newlywed donned her creative director hat to infuse loud prints, combined with a neon color palette into new Solo-inspired graphic designs. We, like many were prepared to get our hands on the collection on Black Friday, the original release date, until last Monday.

Social media exploded with #NotOnDime #BlackoutBlackFriday images and messages in response to Prosecutor Robert McCulloch's announcement that Darren Wilson will not face criminal charges for the shooting death of unarmed black teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The campaign- spearheaded by activist group Blackout For Human Rights- called  for a nationwide boycott of the most consumerist day of the holiday season, Black Friday, to protest the latest in a long line of extrajudicial killings. Solange continued to be epic, showing her solidarity with the people, taking to Instagram again, announcing her decision to postpone the anticipated collection.


Check out the collection available for online purchase from Exodus Goods
Solo remains epic, carefree and about the people. Are any of you fly ladies planning to add a pair to your Christmas Wish List?


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