Situationships Wrap Party: Gonna be startin' something

Situationships: When two people are more than friends, they act like a couple and do everything couples do, but they have no title...

How many of us have been stuck in between a rock and “so what are we?” kind of place never to have that question answered, but, instead to be provided with a labyrinth of fuck shit to go through. Open-ended text messages, evaded questions, unopened invitations and overall ambiguity around whether we’re posting selfies together on the 'gram. Like let me know if I’m spending the night or if I should request an uber. What's good?

Cylla Senii, Creator and Executive Producer of the web series Situationships, magnifies these questions so that the viewing audience can cheer, boo and revel in silent contemplation reminding themselves to text bae later and ask the same questions. We’re introduced to Cylla’s character, Melody, who is the girl all of us can relate to. She’s optimistic about dating, she’s found a handsome man who’s seemingly interested in her, but there’s one problem--he doesn’t reciprocate the same effort. Things get real when we find out Melody’s boo Damien is sending heart eye emojis to more than just her.

Situationships touches on relatable scenarios that play out while dating, including that best friend that is secretly in love with you, the girl that fucks plays by her own rules, and unsaid dating codes to follow in order to avoid getting played. Black Girl Fly Magazine was invited to view the final episode of the season and whether we were watching for the first time or the 20th,  we were immersed in each character's story and you will be too.  The intimate environment reminded us of  going to a movie with that loud auntie who shouts unwarranted advice and throws popcorn at the screen.  Everyone in the room had a reaction and a comment and made sure not to hold back. The final scene of the final episode left viewers questioning their future dating possibilities. Needless to say, we need another epidsode, hence another season is in the works.

The producers of Situationships are diligently working to expand the series and we can't wait to see what's up next. Until then, you can watch the show here. Watch with bae and note his reaction; this is a surefire way to determine if he ends up in the next round of cuffing season.