Black Girls In Tech: BGF Talks to Breana J. Burnett of the “Charmer” App



Photo by Giles Williams

It is an interesting tale when a journalist gets the opportunity to interview and expound upon the career and work of another journalist. It is even more captivating when the journalist happens to be a dynamic reflection of Black (woman) excellence at work; a Fly girl by the name of Breana J. “Bre” Burnett,  fellow journalist and PR specialist for the Charmer app. Bre tells BGF Mag a bit about her background, her career, and her flyness, as she introduces us to the Charmer app and why she’s absolutely Black Girl Fly.


The Charmer app (Ryan Rucker, CEO,  Adam Haywood, COO) is “a fun, easy mobile app to describe your friends in 3 words. You will be able to post ‘charms’ to describe yourself and your friends in a cool, fun, and positive atmosphere. Charmer is a space where you can learn more about yourself, your friends, and things happening around you." Essentially, this application, allows its users to shed some positive light on self and other individuals. Charmer also intends to implement the anti-bullying campaign in their brand image, only inciting uplifting terminology and prohibiting the implementation of harsh language through a filtering mechanism. Dope, right? Bre happens to be the creative mind behind the public representation and promotion of this cool new application set to launch soon.


To give more insight on our feature, we asked Bre a few questions about where she came from, when she became a journalist, and more specifically, how she was fortunate enough to become apart of this growing brand.  Breana Burnett is an Atlanta, GA resident since the age of 12, born in Miami, FL. Bri shared that she began her writing and journalism career in elementary school as a reporter for her school's news station. It was also during that time when Bre discovered her love for music and the performing arts. Bre attended the esteemed HBCU Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU) in 2011 to receive her Bachelor of Science in public relations. When asked about her decision to join the Charmer team, Bre tells us:


“What interested me most about working with Charmer was its innovation. When I first spoke to Ryan, the CEO, I immediately thought ‘Wow, there's nothing out there that's just like Charmer’ and I love being a part of new projects (especially when it involves communication and social media).”


BGF:  What is your specific role and how does it contribute to the success of the company/brand?

“I am Charmer's public relations coordinator so my job is to make sure people know about Charmer and its purpose and strengths.”


Getting more in depth with the logic behind her decision to work with Charmer, I asked Bre to share some struggles she’s overcome as a women working in a technology start-up. She tells us:


“Of course I have (faced adversity in my career), especially being a young African American woman. I was always told that I would have to work twice as hard to prove myself but I didn't realize that statement's truth until college. Even outside of the public relations field, I always find myself in competition with my male counterparts. What sets me apart from my male peers is my ability to incorporate my other talents and characteristics into my work. PR isn't the only thing I do and I've found a way to do everything I love in one job.”

“All work and no play? Not today.”

I asked Bre, aside from work, what she enjoys to do; she kindly enlightened me on her hobbies and social life:

“I enjoy singing, playing instruments, writing, making entertaining videos, cooking, eating; basically anything that allows me to be creative. Engaging in those hobbies are extremely important to maintaining professional and social balance. I couldn't imagine living a life based solely on waking up and going to work. My hobbies allow me to escape from my work life.”

Of course, there was no way to have this discussion without inquiring ‘In your opinion, what makes you Black Girl Fly? What advice do you have to the upcoming generation of Fly Black Girls/Fly Girls? :

“What makes me Black Girl Fly is my confidence and fearlessness. I don't allow anyone to tell me who I am or what I'm capable of doing. My attitude makes me a fly young woman. The way I carry myself makes me a fly young woman. I've embraced who I am and I love every bit of myself. In no way am I perfect but my imperfections make me the special, fly person I am. My advice to the new generation of Fly Black Girls is "be yourself." It seems super cliche but we don't realize how much we allow others to affect how we think of ourselves. You are as beautiful as you believe you are. You are as confident and as strong as you believe you are. Don't let anyone tell you you're not good enough to be who you aspire to be. "If it can be imagined, it can be done." I also want to encourage young Fly Girls to read and write as much as possible. When I was younger, I hated reading but I loved writing. I didn't want to read other people's stories; I wanted to make my own. As I became older, I realized that reading and writing go hand in hand. Reading is an activity that expands the mind and writing expresses the mind. My last piece of advice is "Don't give up" (also cliche). Everything won't go the way you planned so you have to learn how to adjust and play with the cards you're dealt. True champions are able to win a game of Spades without a handful of spades. “

Breana J. “Bre” Burnett of the Charmer app is everything fly. Salute to you, Fly Girl. Best of luck to you and the entire Charmer team!

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