She's Black Girl Fly: Jasmine Daniels


IMG_9376292539154 18-year-old Jasmine Daniels is more than what meets the eye. Not only is she the beautiful Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA®, but she is also a well-rounded student at Immaculata University.  As a voice for the youth, Daniels is an advocate for anti-bullying. Her bullying blog B.R.A.V.O. which stands for Buddies Raising Awareness for Victims of Bullying Online acts as a "safe haven" for not only the victims of bullying, but also the bullies who are looking to end their ways.

BGFM: Hi Jasmine, so to begin, when did you begin competing in pageants?

JD: My pageant career has been fairly short, as I have been competing for only two years! I competed in my first pageant in December 2013 for the Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA title and for it being my first pageant ever, I was proud to have walked away with the title of Second Runner-Up! Because I made it that far in the competition, I knew I could come back and win and that is just what I did! I competed in my second pageant ever in December 2014 for the same exact title and I won!

BGFM: What keeps you motivated?

JD: There a few things that keep me motivated: 1) my parents are a huge portion of my motivation because of their encouraging and supportive words. They remind me daily to keep chasing after my dreams, even if the road getting there is rough. 2) Anyone who knows me knows that I love watching YouTube videos. In particular, those who are in college, much like myself, and still manage to upload videos to their channels is such an inspiration. They show that no matter how much you have on your plate, you can get the job done if you work hard for it! 3) Lastly, my supporters, especially my young ones are very motivational! Their enthusiasm is admirable and it makes me realize that I am a role model to them. It feels great to know that someone looks up to me!

BGFM: After winning MISS PENNSYLVANIA TEEN USA, has anything changed? 0

JD: After winning Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA, a lot has changed for me, especially the opportunities. Now that I am a titleholder, it has been such a blessing to be given the opportunities that I have had. From being invited to NYFW to speaking on live television, these events have made me feel so appreciative. What I can say that hasn't changed are my friends. I respect the fact that my friends don't treat me any different than if I wasn't a titleholder. I love that I can still be the same person around them before I won and that they are still the same people around me!

BGFM: What would you like to say to girls your age looking to be Miss Teen in the future?

JD: My advice for any girl wishing to become Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA in the future: never change who you are as a person, just be yourself, and be humble while doing it! People LOVE when you LOVE yourself and are comfortable being in your own skin. You have to let the real you shine through!

BGFM: What's your major at Immaculata University?

JD: While being a freshman at Immaculata University, I am majoring in Fashion Merchandising and plan on minoring in both Buying and Marketing. I have a huge passion for fashion, especially the business side of it!

BGFM: Besides sewing, constructing designs, shopping, creating beauty and hair tutorials for YouTube, and blogging is there anything else you like to do?

JD: Besides the activities that I am engaged in, I love spending time with my family! They are so fun, humorous and very purpose-driven!

BGFM: What's the name of your YouTube channel?

JD: My YouTube channel name is "minebyjas".

BGFM: Tell us about Bullying Blog?

JD: My blog offers inspirational quotes, tips and even stories that may be helpful for anyone who needs help overcoming their situation.

BGFM: When did you discover fashion was something that interested you?

JD: I've been interested in fashion for as long as I can remember! It all started with watching America's Next Top Model every time it came on TV when I was younger. I was so fascinated by how well they were selling the clothes they were modeling. I also had an interest in fashion design years later, and wanted to become a fashion designer. My passion then moved from wanting to be a fashion designer to wanting to be a fashion buyer. I've always wanted to know how a shirt or dress got to where it is in a store!

BGFM: Where Are You From? And Where Do You Live Now?

JD: I was born in Philadelphia, PA and currently live in Collegeville, PA.


BGFM: Who has impacted you most in your life?

JD: I truly wouldn't be here today without the love and support of my parents. They have guided me and molded me into becoming a self-sufficient, intelligent young lady. They've done everything they possibly could to make sure I was taken care of and that I was and am able to achieve all of my dreams! For that, thank you Mom and Dad for being effective in my life!

BGFM: What is your lifelong ream?

JD: My life long dream is to graduate college and get a successful job as a buyer for a major fashion company. I've been striving to work in the fashion business and will continue to work hard to get there!

 BGFM: What's next for you?

JD: My next move as Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA is to prepare for the national competition, Miss Teen USA, which will be live webcasted on on August 22, 2015

BGFM: Why Are Black Girls Fly?

JD: Black girls are fly because we are resilient and intelligent. We exist as one big sisterhood and support each other when we are down. Lastly, Black girls are strong and determined!

Photo credit: Pageant Associates/Edwin Shaw Photography

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