Say It Loud: BLK @ Spotify & Proud!


It is always uplifting to see evolution in corporate arenas, in regards to the increasing presence and necessary acknowledgement of Black Excellence in Corporate America. This past April ‘16 in Stockholm, Sweden, Spotify launched a Diversity & Inclusion Summit for all employees. Employee Jasmine Smith recanted the details of the summit experience for us, and how it led to greater discovery and accomplishment, for diversity and culture at Spotify.

The summit commenced by first dividing attendees into four working groups, each tasked with the responsibility of driving action against activity in correlation to Diversity & Inclusion. The focal points were all company based: Product, Culture, Community, and Hiring & Attraction. The ultimate task of the summit was to generate a playbook, depicting ways to maximize inclusion, overall, utilizing the four tracks aforementioned.

The summit attendees, now considered a new tier of brand ambassadors, had the job of relaying the information they’d learned to their respective teams; to be educators on diversity and inclusion tactics and application: a role much needed in all formal and social settings. From there, the ambassadors and teams/offices were able to create ERGs: Employee Resource Groups. ERGs function similarly to support groups, as they are based on similar interests, characteristics, or experiences of people with a common background. This is how BLK @ Spotify was created. Our correspondent Jasmine Smith and six of her peers created this group this past May, just one month after their experience at the Diversity & Inclusion summit.


It cannot be stressed enough, how important the application of initiatives such as ERGs are to the development of culture diversity in the work space, most obviously for minority groups. There is unification and a sense of liberation - solace in these groups, ensuring everyone in the company has the assurance that they belong there. That was the intention of this opportunity, from Spotify, and that is the objective of one of it’s thriving ERGs, BLK @ Spotify. Since the creation of BLK @ Spotify, the group has partnered with other diversity groups like Women @ Spotify and Spectrum (the LBGTQ group). Jasmine Smith says “This was a huge deal for me, considering that I am the only minority that sits in the Chicago office.”

As if we weren't getting enough life from the induction of a group such as BLK @ Spotify, they are already lining up to bring us more Melanin Magic! This October they will present the “Opening Act” HBCU Conference (the deadline to apply is TODAY; see here). Additionally this walking representation of Black Girl Magic, our inside correspondent Jasmine Smith, is wowing us once again with her investment in furthering diversity at Spotify, through outreach. In October, she will be traveling to Atlanta to seek talented students for career opportunities and roles at one of the Spotify offices, representing both BLK @ Spotify and Students @ Spotify!

You go, girl! If we did not already have probable reason to love Spotify for their insurmountable diversity in musical selections being streamed through their platform, we can now assertively affirm that we are supporters of the brand, for their choice and action towards diversity within their corporation walls. Spotify is definitely in Formation.