Reason #57821 We Love Janelle Monáe


Any one who knows me, knows that I am a Janelle Monáe aficionado. I've been following her journey since discovering her with one of my best friends in college in about 2007--or was it 2008? Since then I've witnessed her evolution, I have learned the  the reward of staying true to your uniqueness and how the creation of a consistent brand can be both entertaining and a sociopolitical statement. After the Trumpet Awards this weekend, Janelle took to Instagram to share some of her journey and how real it was. She shared photos from the night, in a dope Balmain Cape Effect Jacquard Jacket and sat atop her bed against an electrifying gave us some insight on her journey before becoming a Covergirl. [embed][/embed]

@janellemonae "It's not that I don't experience fear but I understand fearlessness is more important. It's not that I don't get tired but I realize standing up for those whose voices are often ignored has to come first. It's not that I don't get discouraged but I understand that working hard, being a champion for minorities & those marginalized across the world as well as Opening up more doors for girls has to come first." #trumpetawards#JMspeechexcerpts photo by: @_amiles cape:@balmainparis


@stylememaeve #Exclusive #SneakPeak MonaeSLAY!!!! Miss@janellemonae in @balmainparis Cape after her incredible honor at the #TrumpetAwards  @_amiles#BalmainArmy #ProudStylist#ThisLookMadeMyHeartHappy

@janellemonae I decided through fashion & music that I would challenge the status quo and redefine what it meant to be a black female artist. #trumpetawards#JMSpeechexcerpts #stillsayingthankyou Photo:@_amiles


@janellemonae Home after the #trumpetawards. I am so thankful. So humbled. Lot more work. Lot more responsibility. Thank you to the legendary and incredible Xernona Clayton and everyone apart of the Trumpet Awards. (Cape:@balmainparis) thanks @stylememaeve! (Photo by:@_amiles)


@janellemonae"I want to be honest about what was happening before i became Janelle Monáe and a @covergirl .

When I started my music career in Kansas, I was a maid. I worked at blockbuster and slept in my mentor’s 8-year-old daughter’s bedroom in Atlanta until I could afford a place to stay.
I started off selling CDs out of the boarding house I lived in. I started off singing on the library steps in the Atlanta University Center for anyone who would listen. I was told no. I'm still her." #trumpetawards#JMSpeechexcerpts
photo by: @_amiles cape: @balmainparis

She shared a piece of her acceptance speech, reminding us that after all the accolades and fame, she is still Jane.


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