Reaffirming Your Fly February Challenge- JaNae’ Taylor



Day 17

You haven't failed me
You keep inspiring me
You challenge me
You encourage me
Dearest courage, when I feel weak you are strong and whenever I feel under qualified, disadvantaged, not smart enough or well versed on a subject matter, you rise up strong and put a microphone next to my voice box
Courage, you remind me that all of me matters. Thank you.
Blackgirlsfly because our roots don't lay down easy even when gel is applied

i am comprised of many fierce ancestors from TaylorNorthDorseyWallaceFreemans who have traveled miles of this planets soil \ in this lifetime i go by JeNae’ \ i travel through spaces mostly as a storyteller, theatre practitioner, FUNdraiser, organizer, decoder and poet \ graduate of Columbia College Chicago, Watkins Mill High School and my mothers elementary \ i have been recreatingdancingdreamingwritingspeakingsingingdirectingactingplaying since the 20th century and i don’t know how to stop \