Reaffirming Your Fly February Challenge- JaNae’ Taylor

BGFxRYF-Day28-02DAY 28

When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life. ~Jean Shinoda Bolen

Dear Windy (aka Chicago), you helped me to discover me- common

im out trippin over footprints i can barely see with my pupils/been activating my third eye to see you/my hearing- i reach for you like my big spoon/milk over me spill yourself into my soles so they drain upwards into the crevices that are so covered by shadows/i miss you with every part of me/i have never known my self like ive known myself with you/you teach me and being a pupil is my lifes goal/to learntolearntolearn

i want to spend my life in the library/build an altar of books&authors/travel staircases built by words/see/i’ve loved you since i first stepped off the plane/you saw me and well i had not seen myself thru your eyes just thru my imagination and since we’ve encountered each other there are parts of me that have grown and {   }

what better love can i ask for?

just when i get caught up in the warmth of you you teach me patience with your breath/ you blow on me hard and coarse and i struggle to stay tamed/i collected my self for you/saved my tendrils..each one and lay them at your throne.

love me. cause loving you is loving me come close to me baby let your love pour through- common 

i am comprised of many fierce ancestors from TaylorNorthDorseyWallaceFreemans who have traveled miles of this planets soil \ in this lifetime i go by JeNae’ \ i travel through spaces mostly as a storyteller, theatre practitioner, FUNdraiser, organizer, decoder and poet \ graduate of Columbia College Chicago, Watkins Mill High School and my mothers elementary \ i have been recreatingdancingdreamingwritingspeakingsingingdirectingactingplaying since the 20th century and i don’t know how to stop \