Rapstress on the Rise: Chynna


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“They probably wanna hear me rhyme about something else, like my ass or lack thereof and make a ni*ga melt. But as soon as I drop that they screaming she’s a whore…”

(“For That A*s G Style”)


The line above is not what many would expect of a 19 year old MC with only one released mixtape to rap. The audacity of the young woman rapper is furthered expressed once you recognize that the beat she raps over is that of “Flava In Ya Ear”, a song that went on to be remixed by the most influential male rappers of the day. The lyrics express a painful awareness of women’s place in the hip hop industry.

Something else one may not expect to learn is that the very same MC has not only been featured in Complex magazine, but also in Vogue online. What I have come to learn after listening to rapper Chynna, is to not be surprised by anything she does.

With the impetuous flow of a rap veteran, Chynna shines on her latest single Glen Coco. What is refreshing about the young "goddess," is that she attacks every track with the same simultaneous hunger and confidence. I was drawn in by the freshly released “Glen Coco,” and Chynna’s vicious four minute “rap attack.” Chynna is playful in some songs, "Its like I'm a dragon, I'm balling like Z. It's like I'm a Simpson, Apu all the strings,” (“Glen Coco”).


She is gritty in other rhymes, “Sometimes it’s f**k a Macbook and Pro Tools, just pull out the mac cuz the mac a pro tool…” (“Blaadt”).

The former Ford model turned rapper is quickly solidifying herself as a serious new talent. It would be worth your while to pay attention now; otherwise you’ll be definitely playing catch up later.




Verses intricate and delicate be careful with my sh*t.” (Selfie).



Watch the Official Video for Glen CoCo


Where to find more of Chynna:

Soundcloud:  chynnarogers

Tumblr: chynnarogers.com

IG:  chizzyano

Twitter:  @MadeinChynna

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