How this CEO remains authentic in the tough world of media and public relations

Krystle Coleman, CEO Midori Star Media Group being recognized alongside Remy Ma 

Krystle Coleman, CEO Midori Star Media Group being recognized alongside Remy Ma 

In the world of entertainment and social media, proper branding is essential to the success of a business. Oftentimes, consumers and even curators are unaware of the hard work and diligence it takes to keep a brand afloat digitally. That is why there is a necessity for people like Krystle Coleman, Founder, and CEO of Midori Star Media Group. Krystle is an entrepreneur and Public Relations guru, whose success is attributed to her dedication and passion towards the work and her desire to have a positive impact!

Krystle Coleman can be best described as "Everyone's BFF". The fun-loving writer and Public Relations professional capitalizes on her creativity as much as possible! When it came to developing her business, Krystle exclaims, "My greatest inspiration is just living every day & being aware of the fact that anything is possible if you stay consistent.  Midori Star Media Group has launched over six years ago, to bring back the traditional values & relationships that PR used to represent. My company is strategic, but we also care about each of our client's long term."

As a fellow entrepreneur, I already knew that if I asked Krystle if she faced obstacles, her answer would undoubtedly be "yes". However, when I inquired about what she gained and learned specifically as a woman, she admitted, "My greatest lessons include not tak[ing] everything personally & checking myself! The practice of Public Relations requires so much of your authentic personality that, if you want to thrive in this field, you have to constantly work on yourself so your future clients & colleagues can receive you well!

There is always room for growth, so try being a better person a little every day. Small things like giving someone a compliment or opening the door for an elder! Having manners & carrying myself with respect has opened doors for me!"

Ms. Coleman has successfully worked with a number of brands and celebrities, so many that she could not pinpoint a favorite! She did, however, hint at a few athletes that have been at the top of her client list. "Every new client or project is exciting & I am grateful that both established & new brands entrust us to propel their brand in some way! I do however like working with a number of longtime NFL players such as Bryant Mckinnie and Asante Samuel!"

Whether you love every client or just a handful, getting up and going to work every day takes a special level of dedication. When working in the world of Media and Public Relations, it just may take an extra push.

"What drives me is the pride in my career. Every publicist should have a sense of pride in their work and that's what's most rewarding. The mere fact that one single publicist's pitch or work can be shared on international mass media is amazing & gratifying all in one! 'Never a failure always a lesson'."

With such a busy career and life, I could not help but inquire of just HOWall of this can be possible for others, like myself and our readers. Krystle was kind enough to share her personal success tips, for aspiring entrepreneurs in PR and Media. "Study the master heads in magazines, build relationships with other publicists,  trust your first mind, and remember editors are people too; treat them with care & respect. PR & day to day career interaction is intense, so make sure to replenish & restore yourself frequently: mind, body & soul"

"You can't lose if you never stop."

Exuding confidence, applying resilience & having the will to wake up & fight back every day are just a few things that make this Black girl boss so FLY!