Phylicia Rashad Speak Out, Claims Allegations Aim to "Ruin a Legacy"



Late last year, we were all shocked to hear allegations of sexual misconduct against actor, comedian and author Bill Cosby. As it seemed, one accusation led to several more allegations from different women claiming to have been drugged and sexually assaulted by the legend. Cosby's lawyers urged him to remain silent in the face of these allegations, but Cosby soon spoke out requesting that, "black media remain neutral".

Earlier this week, Cosby's on-screen daughter, Keshia Knight-Pulliam (aka Rudy Huxtable), visited The Wendy Williams Show. When she was asked her opinion on the matter, she simply stated, "that's not the man I knew", refusing to cast judgment. We were all waiting to hear from the ones who worked closely with Bill and finally Phylicia Rashad, who played Cosby's wife, Claire Huxtable, spoke out to Showbiz 411 stating*:

"Forget these women. What you’re seeing is the destruction of a legacy. And I think it’s orchestrated. I don’t know why or who’s doing it, but it’s the legacy. And it’s a legacy that is so important to the culture…Someone is determined to keep Bill Cosby off TV. And it’s worked. All his contracts have been cancelled.”

Rashad also defended Cosby's wife Camille, who she described as, "a woman", one that is "no pushover" and one that would never sit back and allow her husband to assault women without consequence.

We all share varied opinions on this topic, however do you agree with Phylicia Rashad that the allegations are being orchestrated?

Source: Complex


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*Rashad has come out to say that she was misquoted. See corrections here: For Harriet