Of the Nile


[embed]https://instagram.com/p/yxV6J7LcqI[/embed] by Bri.L

Of the Nile

Treat me as if your mother molded me

Of the delicate earth of the Nile

Into everything she ever was

And in the image of her ancestors

Everything they would want me to be

Warm as the Sahara

Strong as the cane

And soft as the cotton

Reaped and sowed

Of home’s sweet soil

Precious as a single raindrop

Fighting to not get lost

In the great Khamaseen

In the raging spiral of this world

Treat me as if I was birthed

Of the fertile banks of the Delta

Old Kingdom pharaohs’ blood

Etched through my veins

Painting pictures of greatness

Preserving stories of what was

As the pyramids graciously do

Feet mirror prints

Left in the Giza sand

By the once living dwellers

Of the Valley of the Kings

Treat me as if the New Kingdom

Began with and lived through us

For I am the Gift of the Nile

More so than the annual floods of past

Artwork by ARTXMAN

Through writing, New York native, Bri.L has produced a creative voice that speaks for the sake of her mind and heart. Her poetry is a raw reflection of the world’s culture - telling stories that embody life, consciousness, acceptance and more – from unpredictable perspectives. At an early age, putting pen to paper became a way for her to heal, to evoke, to love and she’s been left to write ever since.

For more on how she tells it, visit www.beenlefttowrite.com