ANTM's Tatiana Price talks skinBUTTR & more!

Since May 20, 2003, when the popular television series America's Next Top Model aired, my eyes have been glued to Tyra Banks' hit show and competition. I, like many of the contestants on the show, had aspirations of being a TOP model and taking over the fashion industry as a dynamic girl boss. I’d studied the techniques, learned to “smize” and “booty tooch”; I stanned for my favorites, mimicked their walks and aspired to have their spunk. I recall wanting to be like those women, taking the modeling and fashion industry by storm with my unique beauty and personality. I had not ever until now, encountered a contestant whom I'd been inspired by OFF the runway until now. Tatiana Price, a young, stylish, girl boss has taken over the competition and, increasingly, the beauty industry. I had the fortunate opportunity to chat with this fly, Black Girl about her journey towards entrepreneurship, life as a model, and more! See our chat below.

So let’s get started. Tell me, who is “Tatiana” the brand ambassador and what is skinBUTTR?

"To keep it simple, I am a 22-year-old young lady who just wants to be amazing. Haha. I am a model and an entrepreneur. skinBUTTR is my skincare line that I created, about a year and a half ago."

Wow, that’s both amazing and inspiring. So, what made you come up with the idea to create this product? Was it personal, or was there any other influence on the decision to launch?

skinBUTTR brand

skinBUTTR brand

"I created skinBUTTR because as a young woman I never really knew what products to use, I wasn't properly educated on how to keep my skin up aside from those general commercials that you see on tv. But as I got older and did my research I realized that skincare isn't a one size fits all scenario. So it was definitely personal, this was a product that I would make for myself before it was even skinBUTTR. I saw a benefit in it and wanted to share that with ladies (and gents) all over!"

Was/Is Skin Buttr your only entrepreneurial endeavor?

"I have always been an entrepreneur. When I was 14, I started a babysitting service, watching kids literally almost my age haha. I've also had an online boutique. I've always had the entrepreneurial drive but skinBUTTR is my baby; this is the thing that gets most of my love and attention, aside from modeling."

I noticed that you didn't spell "butter" the conventional way. Was there any specific reason why you did this, or were you just trying to add a lil' flair or what?

"I purposely chose to spell buttr the way I did to give people a feel of the brand, I feel like it's a cuter spelling, it's catchier, and for some reason, the words skinBUTTR alone gets people excited."


So what do the people have to look forward to from skinBUTTR? Can you give us a little product line description? What variety of options do consumers have to choose from? 

"skinBUTTR consists of two product lines. There is Face by skinBUTTR and skin by skinBUTTR. Face by skinBUTTR is a full line of all natural products to restore and hydrate the face. skin by skinBUTTR is a line of body BUTTRS and Scrubs, there are 3 different scents one for each buttr and a matching scrub."

Being a young, Black woman in today’s society is no easy task, so I know that you definitely faced some challenges, especially trying to create a business and a brand. Can you describe some of the obstacles you had to overcome to get to where you are now? 

"Some challenges that I have faced is not having the resources to do what I know I'm capable of; the way I overcome this is to constantly believe in myself, doing plenty of research and to not be afraid to ask for help."


Since being a business mogul means staying busy chasing that paper, it must be at least a little difficult, at times, trying to balance all of your projects. How do you balance between being an entrepreneur and other aspects of your life i.e. family/friends, your brands, social life, ANTM, etc.?

"There's always a huge tug of war between skinBUTTR, my personal brand - Tatiana Elizabeth, family, friends, etc. This is something that I still struggle with. Planning helps a lot. Setting time aside to do certain things is key. I was lucky enough to have a grace period from when the show finished filming to when it aired to prepare myself for the extra attention. But setting deadlines, and holding myself accountable helps a lot!"

Many definitely consider you to be a Fly, Black Girl! What does that mean for you? This question sounds good to me. 

"Ah, that means the world to me! It's taken a lot for me to be comfortable in my own skin. To me, a Fly Black Girl is someone who is comfortable and confident, always knows there's room for improvement but recognizes she is a queen"

We cannot wait to watch how things pan out for this beautiful, awe-inspiring, young, Black womanpreneur and model diva!