Mini Fly Girl Feature: Aaliyah- Dior Porter


BGFxADior-01 All Fly Girls must start somewhere! Meet our Mini Fly Girl Aaliyah-Dior. Born in Georgia she has been modeling since she was only nine months! She recently worked one on one with IMD-b producer Annette Colbert-Latham for one of her local production, a future film based in LA. She was chosen by Nathan Yungerberg to be the featured cover model for Child New York NYC, which can be found on Additionally, she was featured as GAP kids fresh face model, chosen by Celebrity Super Model Cynthia Bailey Agency as the 2014 winner for Baby Model Category & can be see in the "Juice Box" commercial in September 2014 and  the "GoodSpire" commercial in October, 2014


She has been featured in numerous magazines and on a number of websites including BCK "Big City Kids" Magazine in June, 2014 and Black Celeb Kids as on of the youngest rising baby models in Atlanta, Ga. We caught up with Aaliyah-Dior and her fly mommy, Ebony Porter.



Please tell our fly readers your name and age.

My name is Aaliyah-Dior Porter, believe it or not my first full name is Aaliyah-Dior. I am 1 years old (soon to be 2 in less then 2 1/2 months!)



If you're having an absolutely rough day, how do you cheer yourself up?

If I am having a rough day it simply means, "Mommy/Daddy I need a sippie cup of milk, a nap and my life size furry Giraffe, Mr.Skittles". After a full nap I am back up, smiling and playing around with my two big brothers!


What's your favorite dress/shoes right now?

I would have to say my favorite dress/shoes right now would have to be my glitter me down snow boots from Toys R Us. Every time mommy calls out "Dior time to go" you can bet those are my first choice! There is something about those shiny sparkly bright shoes I love!


If there was one thing you could do to make the world better, what would it be? How can you start now?

I would extend playtime so I can have more time with my friends and more time to exercise and dance as I LOVE to dance!! I would start by making all school's extend playtime for an extra 30 minutes a day!


What do you want to be when you grow up?

I would have to say an aspiring actress, model or even a lawyer! After all my parents think I am a natural born talker...who knows only time will tell. But for right now I would like to just be Aaliyah-Dior, the fun loving toddler!


Most little girls want to be just like their mommies. Name one thing your mommy does that you love to do?

Dance!! I remember watching mommy at just months old sing and dance in the mirror. Now I can finally say I am catching on!



What is most special about you?

Before I was born my parents were informed I had a heart defect, which caused my heart to skip a beat randomly. After becoming fully aware and doing research they understood all they could do was wait, but you can imagine they were very nervous. Well on January, 24th 2013 I was born a healthy beautiful 7.0lb baby girl with a smile so big it could light up a room. Being a living walking testimony is enough to make any fly girl special!


Why are Black girls fly?

We are fly because we stand for so much! It is meaning behind everything we are and everything we have become through the years. I am a Fly girl because I have the attitude of a diva, the heart of a god and the personality of a leader, which equals the values and ingredients to make up a strong Fly Girl!


What a captivating personality! You can catch Aaliyah-Dior gracing her very first runway for Monsoon Kids International later this year! She is definitely going to be a force in our community and we are glad to feature her and be apart of her success story. We know her accomplishments will inspire others and we thank her mother Fly parents for raising such a Fly Mini!


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