Love's Light: A Reminder

Source: @isaacwest

Source: @isaacwest

Love is hypnotizing and those of us who spend a long enough time believing in it, do experience such moments of bliss; like falling in love or creating a child with someone--birthing a being into this realm for the first time is surreal--almost magical. Some of us experience love in the things we are most passionate about. What I have always believed and, now, believe more, and more each day is the fact that the essence of all that I AM, you are, and that we all are, is love. And, as love is indeed blissful and a beautiful, pure feeling to feel, many have been taken advantage of in the name of love. Some have given all they possessed for the sake of love or to kept a loved one near, only to have never felt it reciprocated. Some have been manipulated in love’s name, denying themselves the full expansion it so desires. Some have been hurt and subjected to physical and/or verbal abuse, under the decree of love.  But as we grow, it is important for our impressions of love to grow as well.

Love’s light is so pure that, oftentimes unknowingly it draws darkness in others who can't find 'the light' in themselves. So, like leeches, those living life in darkness, latch on to a being who possess unconditional love. And they suck, they take, and they drain until the light loses sight of their most divine self to please others, in love.

Love, truly is you.

Pure, light truly is you.

Be attentive to those who come with intention to

reciprocate love.

Be attentive to those who come,

simply to take

they don't have the strength to find the light

within themselves.


Source: @mominatu

Source: @mominatu

If you have loved and gave your all yet felt as though you lost more than you gained, realize that you made it through. You made it through whatever pain it was that you felt. If you have loved, yet didn't feel that same love reciprocated, you made it through! Give yourself points for being resilient.

You are powerful to have loved so unconditionally.  What so many lack, you own. You are more than enough, despite how others have treated you.

Your light continues to be beautiful. Whoever hurt you desired to dim your light so they would feel better about their darkness. Your light exposed their darkness. Perhaps it was for the better.

Continue to love yourself. Continue to show other beings this super power to love.

True love, is a powerful elixir and most potent. It is a powerful healer like high vibrational foods. Pure love  is the essence of all that we are; authentic love causes this planet to spin on its axis. You are love, personified. It's so important that you know that you are free to walk away from anyone or anything that does not feel like love.

It is so important that you know you are love and you are light.