Love Your Hair, Love Yourself: A Brief look Into Micheala Angela Davis' 'Hair Tales'



Image: In Conversation: Michaela Angela Davis and Melissa Harris-Perry


Remember when you were sent off to go get the brush, hair grease, and hair ties? You would sit on the floor or on a chair having you hair sectioned and scalp greased; curls and coils being detangled by understanding hands. Black hair comes in a variety of textures curl patterns and hair colors and the memories of maintaining our hair spans generations, but all memories have the same underlying theme, learning and loving our Black hair. Michaela Angela Davis dives into this topic with her new web series, Hair Tales, honoring the history of Madame C.J. walker. Davis is an image activist and writer who addresses issues in the Black community in regards to representation and self-acceptance.

In the first episode of Davis’ series actress Tasha Smith tells her tale of growing up as a child in Camden, NJ and how her self-image was tied to her hair and how it was maintained. “One thing about Black girl hair that I don’t think that we always appreciate is that it’s strong...I used to think that coarse hair was just was a negative thing…,” says Smith. She goes on to explain how she learned to braid hair with synthetic hair extensions and became a young hustler and “...a weave queen darling.”


According to, Hair Tales shares the stories of many more celebrities and influencers such as writer and producer Mara Brock Akil, actress Regina King, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Patrisse Cullors, and many more. To see more of Michaela Angela Davis’ works check out her YouTube channel MAD Free TV.

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