Lottabody's New Love Me 5-n-1 Styling Creme!



Lottabody’s new Love Me 5-n-1 Miracle Style Crème Launch Event was nothing less than a full body experience! The event was held at Flywheel Studios in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. It was a fun and fresh way to introduce their newest product to their fab collection of hair blessings. The Love Me 5-n-1 Style Crème contains coconut and shea oils that hydrates hair inside and out, leaving hair soft with brilliant shine. Benefits from this product include: taming frizz, detangling agent, vibrant shine, heat protectant, and split end prevention. Sounds like everything a girl could ask for in just one product!


[embed]https://instagram.com/p/2C3amWxFnK[/embed] The color scheme at Flywheel Studios complimented Lottabody’s signature light blue packaging. When we were greeted by a huge Lottabody poster featuring their latest Love Me 5-n-1 Miracle Style Crème and a woman with her hair laid comfortably, we knew we were in the right place. Once we had our Flywheel gear all the curl friends of every hair type were ready to break a sweat. The instructor had invigorating enthusiasm backed by her amazing house/ EDM selection of current music to take us through the challenging ride. The bikes were adorned with Lottabody towels to add a branded touch.


[embed]https://instagram.com/p/2J892hRFrg/[/embed] After an amazing workout all of the ladies were gifted a Lottabody bags that contained everything you wanted to use all at once. Among the great giveaways was the new Love Me 5-n-1 style crème! Black Girl Fly thanks Lottabody for creating that fun and energetic experience and we are big fans of the hair care line. Lottabody creates styling products that cater to relaxed and natural hair and can be found in stores now! You can also visit www.lottabody.com to find retailers.Flaunt your fly hair results achieved by using Lottabody products, post to Instagram and don’t forget to hashtag #LoveLottaBody!


Images via Lotta Body

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