Look Good, Feel Good: Beyonce Announces Launch of Athleisure Collection #IvyPark


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Exercise is great way to release endorphins and relieve stress. How you dress can also play a part!


If you believe you look good, you will feel that much better. Long gone are the days where you have to wear baggy sweatpants and sweatshirts. With fitted joggers and compression activewear becoming more popular, workout clothing lines have taken a page from the fashion books and have taken a stylish turn.


In fact, many people are wearing athletic clothing as everyday leisure wear. I mean why not? You could walk around running errands “looking” like you just came from a great workout or you could be more like Michelle Obama and actually work out...that’s always an option.


Beyonce’s  definitely giving everyone a run for their money with her own workout clothing line titled Ivy Park. The line seems to be inspired by her daughter’s name and Bey’s favorite childhood park which served as a constant in her life.      


Ivy Park features a two-hundred item collection with many pieces adorned with the line’s name brand in bold black or white letters. According to ivypark.com, the line is set to hit stores such as TopShop and Nordstrom on April 14th.


Check out the promo video:





However, Bey is not the only one with a work out line for women. Sites like Black Girls Run and Brick Built have plenty of apparel that will also inspire you to get fit and look good doing it. With that said, it is important to remember that when working out you have to wear the correct apparel. Don’t over exert yourself wearing clothing too tight or wearing material that is not breathable depending on the intensity of your workout. So ladies, get your athleisure on and maybe squeeze in a workout or two while you're at it.


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