King Courtnie shares her 'Heart's Desire' in '70s inspired visual

“I really don’t know how to express…the way I want to make YOU feel…” the opening lyrics from Courtnie’s latest song “Heart’s Desire” describes the butterflies and mystery one feels for someone that they’re crushing on. The song is reminiscent of youth when love is fun, free and limitless. The actions in the video describes the time when you called your crush to get to know them versus texting them "wyd" and hoping it becomes something grand. You and your friends just hung outside on a sunny day and had fun--that sort of fun before watching internet fights was a hobby. Your homies call you from the window to come outside and you're allowed to go because your mama determined this group of girls are suitable to hang out with.

The guy Courtnie is interested in is who we’ll call “Future Bae”. Future Bae is so lighthearted and excited and is en route to see the girl he’s been on the phone with.

In the beginning of the visual Courtnie is on the phone with “Future Bae” and her girls are on their way to pick her up. They pull up in front of the fence by a park where they bust out their dance routine immediately! (Because it's only right, right?!) The scene gives teen vibes, back in the day when I was young I'm not a kid anymore vibes, runnin' to the corner store for snacks and to meet your friend sort of vibe with how they are perform for all to see. It reminds you of when you try to impress the boy you like so you and your home girls come killing it with cute outfits and fly dances in tow. Whether at lunch period in the cafeteria or passing notes in algebra class, Future Baes all over the world knew when a girl was crushing on them because we made sure they knew Courtnie and her girls then get on the train on the way to the turn up where she’s going to perform and show Future Bae what she's really feeling inside. The crowd looks on and her guy of interest is watching her intently. At the end of the performance he gives her a single rose. How sweet, right? Don’t forget the whole time via the chorus she told us, “tonight’s the night that I show you just how I really feel”. She got her man and winks at the viewer to let us know that she DID. JUST. THAT. The song evokes nostalgia of young love and lyrics that are relatable to anyone who’s ever had a crush--especially an old school, around the way sort of crush. Make sure to take a listen. 

Courtnie is an Alternative R&B artist whose music can be found on in addition to Soundcloud, Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal. Follow her on Instagram @kingcourtnie for updates!