Black is the new Black: inside Black Girl Majestic

The evolution of the Black woman, as it pertains to popular trends, is a phenomenal and groundbreaking sight to behold. The diversity we so often exude in our skin tones, hair textures, body types, and fashion sense allows us to be distinguished, while our unified devotion to and appreciation of our cultural and inherent fortitude causes us to represent a unified front. The Black woman is a beautiful being who holds many gifts and joys in her possession--too many to name. She is to be loved and celebrated as a beacon of light for the melanin community. And, recently, I was able to bear witness to this celebration.

Fashion Forward co-founders Kandis and Sarah had the brilliant idea of celebrating Black history and enlightening the world regarding the versatility of Black Girl Magic in the most stylish of displays. At the climax of Black History Month, the two ladies unveiled a showcase entitled, “Black Girl Majestic” at Tube Factory Artspace in Indianapolis, IN. Their goal was to commemorate the versatility and power residing within and pouring out from Black women. The show highlights the evolution of Black hair while showcasing vibrant styles on all shades and shapes of Black women. Set to the music vibes of Solange’s A Seat at the Table and Beyonce’s Lemonade--two perfectly executed Black girl-power albums Fashion Forward celebrated every woman, at every stage of life.

Imagine walking into a room full of stunning women of all ages, smiles gleaming, hair on fleek, makeup beat to the heavens, and styles meant for a runway. That was the atmosphere of Black Girl Majestic. The few men in attendance sat proudly with the women who invited them as if acknowledging that being amidst so many Black women was a close equivalent to heaven on earth. We laughed, we mingled, we shared our expressions of Black Girl Magic with one another and celebrated ourselves, together!

Truly, it was an experience any woman would love to share in.