Haus of Beyoncé: Instagram Year in Review


We are in the final day of 2014 if you are a fan of Beyoncé( who isn't?), you're on the edge of your seat waiting for what's in store for year 2015. This is an artist who grows more legendary as time progresses.  Many of us have grown up listening to her music and witnessed her evolve as an artist. The Beyhive is always on standby for what's to come. We are never disappointed but left waiting for the groundbreaking artistry to surface. Personally, I'm waiting for another tour so I can get my everlasting. She has given us many performances and with the new additions to her self titled album we are sufficient with loads of Beyoncé in our iTunes. Whether she is a role model are not many can debate, but she is indeed iconic. In 2015, with more Beyoncé in the horizon  you may make the choice to deal or suffer  because she is here to stay!The choice is yours. Let's take a look at King Bey’s Instagram. These are special moments that we dub our year in review:

We all remember the Metropolitan Gala of 2014, the most important fashion event of the year. Where we saw many beautifully themed ensembles. Many recall this event as the place where Solange put the paws on Jay Z in the elevator, which Beyoncé later incorporated into lyrics in the “Flawless” remix.

"I love so Solange" posted by Bey to profess her love for her sister after the media melee surrounding the Met Gala madness. It's always important to mend fences with family and grow onward together.

The Grammy’s invited Mrs. Carter to perform her smash hit “ Drunk in Love". She received a lot of criticism for this performance scantily clad In lace, many parents were not pleased that it was shown during prime time  TV hours while little ones were still awake. However, she was invited to perform this particular song so…

This picture just because, awwwwww! :)

Everyone loves a  little toothless #TBT How cute is baby Bey?!

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 4.03.49 PM

Every single person waited for this collaboration regardless of what you heard. Our only thoughts were, “finally!”

Mommy and baby Blue had a precious Halloween moment as the legendary brother and sister duo, Michael and Janet Jackson! Peep Blue’s diamond glove.

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 4.17.23 PM

Beyoncé lauded as her family looked on proudly in the same space to share her success. Blue and Jay watched in the audience with adoration and were able to present her with  the “Michael Jackson Vanguard Award” at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

For Carter's close out December with a trip to Iceland to commemorate Jay's 45th birthday.  This is a great shot because it shows how much they enjoy life with each other. They look blissfully happy.

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