A letter from the editor: January


I make space for persistent joy + happiness. I practice presence + gratitude as a survival tactic.

Self is.
Self is body and bodily
perception. Self is thought, memory,
belief. Self creates. Self destroys.
Self learns, discovers, becomes.
Self shapes. Self adapts. Self
invents its own reasons for being.
To shape God, shape Self.
— Octavia E. Butler, Parable of the Talents

It's been a hot minute since my last letter because LIFE. The fourth quarter of 2017 presented some interesting challenges causing this season of "sitting with" + surveying. Coinciding with the start of the new year, I have been giving thought + energy to the intentions I want to set for the year ahead. Inspired by color psychology, the work of Octavia Butler, Lil Kim + the creative design for my NYE outfit visioned by Mycall Akeem Riley + handmade by Kenya Sherron. The electric green fully captured the mood of my life's current season. Refreshing a tradition of recent years, I collected words, phrases, + images that provide guiding principles for my mood, energy + intentions in 2018. 

2018 energy + mood board:

energetically, green
🌿 fresh energy
🌿 liberating change
🌿 balance + equilibrium
🌿 healing
🌿 abundance
🌿 reclaiming safety + space
🌿 recreating home = sanctuary 

this season, energetically, I am green. the last quarter of 2017 leading into this year, has been a process of shedding + regenerating. a letting go of things, physical + metaphysical, to make space for myself. I let go. I let go. I let goI make space for new beginnings, new growth + new life.

giphy (6).gif

I am a Spring season in the midst of our winter. the energy is healing, fertile for growth, renewal + rebirth. my focus for the beginning of the year is transforming my physical space. I bring life back to my plants, recreate a sanctuary of my home + reclaim safety + space.  

I tend to the gardens of my heart, engaging fully in a process and personal work of healing. I create intimacy with my wounds, calling my most authentic + courageous self forward. I bring life back to my spirit + energy. I nourish + water the things I want to grow. I spend time nurturing the relationships that are important to me + continue to edit, weed out + remove ppl, energies, connections, + things that are dead or no longer serve + feed me--and that I am no longer able to serve + feed.  I practice fierce + consistent self-love. That self-love is the foundation of transformative love in all of my relationships. I cultivate, give + receive healthy, life-giving love.  


I practice shedding old ways of thinking + being. I let go of insecurities, emotional trauma + hurt daily. I free myself of anger + resentment. I make space for persistent joy + happiness. I practice presence + gratitude as a survival tactic. I align with my purpose + move with intention. I am grounded, affirmed + at home in myself. I lean into my growth areas and intentionally improve in communication + presence.  I stretch myself. I supportively challenge myself. I grow myself. I big myself up. I continue to step into myself, my vision + my voice. I will not shrink for the comfort of others. I stand firmly in my BIGNESS.

giphy (3).gif

I share my time, space + energy with people, projects + things that cultivate forward motion/progress with + for me. I manifest mental clarity, emotional calmness + insight. I create stability + endurance. I manifest abundance in my limitlessness. I am abundant with fresh energy, opportunities + resources. I create prosperity with my gifts + talents. I engage in the process of regenerating + liberating change. I am SUPERCHARGED + create a thriving emotional, physical + mental habitat. 

I create. I destroy. I learn. I discover. I become. I shape. I adapt. I invent my own reasons for being.

this is my 2018 mood + energy. and that's word to me. like word to my momma


In this season, will you make space for setting intentions for the year? What are the energies, moods + vision that will guide you? Can you invite more green energy into your year? Can you grow more into your BIGNESS? Hit me up with love + your intentions: nick@blackgirlflymag.com.