If God Was a Black Woman


What if God was a black woman? How do we know she’s not? Our God, who under Her this nation lays? The Bible says that woman was created from the rib of man. Men have written history from the very beginning. We also know that vantage point of history is that of the victor, that happens to have the ability to read and write. Men have had the advantage of creating heroes and great images in their likeness. This is not an attempt to bash the male ego, but an invitation to simply open your mind to the possibility that The Most High is one that can nurture life inside of her. At her command waters raise to altitudes above humanity and in an instant be immediately calmed. She can increase the temperature in the same way we can turn up the brightness on our phones. She receives praise and prayers from men and women alike. She wears a silk bonnet to sleep, enjoys a good baked mac & cheese, appreciates laid edges and a flawless sew in. Maybe her hair is the most beautiful mane of natural coils. Each strand dare not disobey their Lord. She hears your silent prayers during the day. She allows you to endure the unknown in preparation for the bounty that awaits you. She has witnessed blood shed for land and the acquisition of goods and people in Her name. She’s provided rich crops and harvests to sustain a people who’ve cherished their land. With the same hand she’s allowed drought and famine to overtake land whose violent history descended to the present. She’s granted her creations free will and autonomy over their lives, but does not turn a blind eye to deeds done both bad and good. She permits concepts like karma and energy to exist to coddle confused minds and decipher the inexplicable. Considering God as a black woman may debunk stories believed to be cornerstones of existence to many. The depiction of God today is a depiction of one’s likeness. These images are open to interpretation. Many historians suggest that due to geological attributes, the first people of civilization were darker skinned than printed history admits. For those who believe humans to be created in God’s image, wouldn’t it be amazing for a little black girl to know that she can literally do anything because a greater being who looks like her is the creator of the earth and heavens and beyond? How different would history have manifested? How much taller would you be in your posture? How big would you smile waking up knowing your black girl fly-ness is predestined and divine? How might your compassion for others change if God was a black woman?