Girl and Hair's New Product Line: Under Hair Care


Ladies! The moment you’ve been waiting for! A hair care system that allows us to love and nurture our tresses underneath protective styling. Created by Dr. Camille and Josef Verovic, Under Hair Care is the first line of products to treat relaxed and natural hair under hair extensions. Girl and Hair’s new product line appropriately named, “Under Hair Care” was created to assist braid, wig and weave wearers in properly balancing thick and healthy hair beneath those styles we love so much. I have had the pleasure of trying these wonderful products. Under Hair Care consists of a Cleanse⁺ shampoo, Nourish⁺ hair conditioner and a Restore⁺ balm. The cleansing shampoo contains Shea Butter and Tea Tree Oil which provides for a smooth lather with a gentle tingle as you massage the product on your hair. What I enjoyed most about the shampoo was that it didn’t leave my hair feeling rough and stringy. After the shampoo, my hair was extremely soft and manageable. The next step is the Nourish⁺ Leave-In Conditioner that also contains Neem Oil, Shea Butter and Tea Tree Oil. This conditioner is absolutely amazing! I definitely recommend the conditioner for those of us who co-wash. You won’t have to worry about build up, residue or flaking which is something I keep a close eye out for when trying new products. The tea tree and neem oil content soothes the scalp and prevents itching. The last component is the Restore⁺ balm which is and oil blend that is designed to protect hair follicles and promote growth and hair retention. The consistency is that of a thick oil, but not grease. My scalp really enjoyed this product as it seemed I had to use it about every three days.

To me, this proves that the product does not leave build up and it also permeates the scalp. “Under Hair Care’s” 3 components Cleanse⁺, Nourish⁺ and Restore⁺ are alcohol, paraben and sulfate free! All contents contain natural essential oils that provide a holistic and healthy approach to hair care. These products are packaged in slim applicator bottles to aid in getting into those tight parts and spaces between intricately sewn hair wigs and weaves. I appreciate the design as we all know how hard it is to get shampoo and conditioner beneath your protective hair styles. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Girl and Hair’s “Under Hair Care” Line and you all should as well! All products are currently available online at Click the youtube links below for Under Hair Care tutorials: