Getting To The Root of Natural Care: Uncovering EssentialsBoxx


IMG_8445[1] As a member of the “natural” hair and skin care community, I always find a childlike pleasure in trying different or new products, as if my mother had just bought my sister and I a brand new, fully furnished dollhouse. Essentially, I am apologetically a product junkie. From the numerous  deep and leave-in conditioners piling up on my dresser, to the body lotions, oils, and scrubs lining the side of my bathtub, I am enthralled and enthused with the many avenues for hair/skin preservation and nourishment. So, when granted the killer opportunity to check out the goodies served in a box by Black and Female curated brand “EssentialsBoxx”, I could not contain my joy! Above all, I must send a heartfelt THANK YOU to EssentialsBoxx CEO Alexandra P. Belizaire; I salute and support you, for being a dynamic, innovative, inspiring young, Black, female, BOSS! Werk!


EssentialsBoxx is a product service that sends, a seasonal package of goodies to its subscribers. Products range anywhere from 5 to 8 sample or full sized products at a discounted rate. Rather than have the consumer pay full price for each item in the box, with EssentialsBoxx we are able to receive multiple products at the price of one!


Recently, I received my very first EssentialsBoxx, which contained: TGIN (Thank God It’s Natural) “Honey Miracle Hair Mask” deep conditioner, TGIN bar soap,  Naturalicious “Moisture Infusion” Styling Creme, Soleil Essentials”Brown Sugar Kiss” body oil, and Glow for A Cause perfume. Atop the sweet aromas emitting from the box, these products contain all natural ingredients that will replenish and preserve your hair and skin, while leaving you feeling and smelling like honey, vanilla, and all around deliciousness. Too eager to experience the products firsthand, I decided to try all of the items immediately. IMG_8452[1]


As a part of my hair and skin care routine before bed, I decided to utilize the TGIN “Honey Miracle Hair Mask”. I applied the deep conditioner to my color treated, freshly shampooed hair and allowed it to sit for 1 hour, preserved under a plastic shower cap.  For my shower cleanse, while I allowed the conditioner to sit (my scalp already beginning to feel revitalized) I used the TGIN bar soap followed by the Soleil Essentials body oil. The grains of the soap combined with warm water provide the equivalent feeling to full body exfoliatiIMG_8450on or a nice mud bath. From the oil, my skin glowed like it was made of glittery gold dust particles; it felt as soft as fresh, velvety flower petals. After the hour wait for the conditioner, I rinsed my hair with warm, then cold water. Oh, the difference! My hair was much softer and exuding more shine. This honey infused, brown sugar, “mmm mmm good” produc t compilation opened my scalp to a whole new world. I was excited to apply the style creme the next morning. IMG_8446[1]

On day two, with dampened hair, I was ready to style and go about my day. I applied the Naturalicious “Moisture Infusion” Styling Creme. Instantly, I could feel my scalp tingling, thanking me for the breath of fresh air. This triple threat product is a moisturizer, heat protector, and styling creme altogether. My hair was soft, my ends were tamed--no frizz! Confident in the results of using the products thus far, I capped off my morning prep by applying a bit more of the body oil and closed out by using the subtly sweet scented “Glow for A Cause” perfume balm. What I loved most about the perfume is that it’s easily applicable, presented more as a cream or balm, rather than liquid scent. I took my index finger and rubbed a small dab behind each ear and on wrist, and headed out the door. Hours later, I was still looking, smelling, and feeling amazing; glowing even. EssentialsBoxx is a seasonal godsend. With the spike in temperatures, the risk of hair and skin going from sun kissed to sunburned is high; the products sent in this box are sure to  protect, nourish, and enhance your hair and skin.


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Tyler Marie LawrenceHey yawl this article was written by Tyler Marie, or Ty as she's come to be called. She is a (West-Side) Chicagoan ‘til Chicago ends. Tyler attended Whitney M. Young Magnet High School and went on to attend the first Private HBCU, Wilberforce University (OH) where she obtained her B.A. Sociology in 2012. It’s probably pretty clear now that writing is kind of ‘her thing’ but she's more than okay with that. Other hobbies include eating, playing basketball, modeling and singing. Basically, she spends all her time trying to be as fly of a Black Girl as she can be. Connect with her via: Twitter & Instagram- @_Mighty5| Tumblr-