BGF Spotlight: FROS & BEAUS

As the natural hair community continues to grow, more and more men are expressing their love for the fro. We spoke with the creator of FROS & BEAUS (FAB) to get the details on this inspirational brand that has exploded all over social media.
1. Joiya,  please tell our readers about yourself?IMG_1749
My name is Joiya Cloud, I am a 33 year old Spelman woman (also a Georgetown Hoya) from California by way of Arizona.  I split my time between Washington, DC and Miami, FL.  I am a right brain and left brain girl, that is, a scientist by trade, but I love to create and be creative.  I've been a natural hair supporter and enthusiast for 14 years and in the summer of 2014 created FROS & BEAUS to spread love and self-love in the natural hair community and beyond.



2. Why did you start the FROS & BEAUS Instagram account?
I started FAB to contribute to the natural hair community in a way that I felt was meaningful as well as a way to include a multi-dimensional dialogue of natural hair, in this case, to acknowledge the presence of those in the lives of natural hair women who are supporting our efforts of self-love, 'the Beaus"
3. Why is it important to celebrate natural hair love?
To let people know that natural hair love exist.  As African American women, we have to tell our own stories.  Within the natural hair community, our stories include being loved by our men for who we are, naturally.  This should be shared for purposes of expression, celebration, and inspiration.
4. What’s next for FROS & BEAUS?
Expansion is next for FAB.  We'd like to continue our platform of inspiration and self-love to other social and community based mediums.
5. Why are Black girls fly?IMG_7650
Black girls are persevering godesses.  Because of our uniqueness our essence cannot be duplicated or easily imitated. Our being is challenged daily with our strength in tact and that's FLY.

Court for launch postCourtney Danielle Stradford is co-founder and creative director of Black Girl Fly Magazine. Born and raised in Staten Island, N.Y she is the epitome of a true New Yorker. She has an unwavering passion for fashion, hair, culture and of course a love for brunch! Courtney is a full time microbiology graduate student moonlighting as a natural hair and beauty enthusiast. She began her natural hair journey over a year and a half ago. By combining her creativity and passion she founded her brand Curls and Couture. The Curls and Couture brand caters to the natural, fashionable and fit woman while serving as a platform for advice and inspiration.

Courtney believes that every woman is a Queen. She seeks to Uplift, encourage and inspire Black women in every aspect of life. Find Her:  @curlsandcouture