Fly Girls Brunch: By the Hudson


By the Hudson is a new hip and trendy restaurant/ lounge that holds a beautiful view of the Hudson River, but doesn't lose the rich history of Harlem's neighboring The Cotton Club. This dining experience was a fresh take on dining uptown. BTH has large floor to ceiling windows that allows light to cascade into the lounge, playing on the luminescent  mood/color changing wall. BGF New York decided to bless BTH by holding  our very first BGF brunch here. The bartender was extremely pleasant and encouraging the girls to start off with Mimosas while everyone was deciding what to order. The ambience was accompanied by classic R&B and Neo-Soul during the beginning of brunch. It would appear that all those dining were simply in this space enjoying a typical bougie brunch complete with backs against chairs, quaint laughter, coy sips of mimosa and the occasional “this is my jam” to a groove playing at a perfectly audible level. Let's just say by the end of brunch there was a largely appropriate amount of  hip-hop, EDM,house, hip-hop and trap music to go around. Back to the food, I didn't get a chance to tell y’all about the food!


The food was amazing. I had the ”Banana Foster Toast”  which had a sufficient amount of bananas and pecans drizzled with maple syrup. I also ordered a side of bacon. Why? Because, bacon. After we ate the turn up was around the corner. We got lucky on this day because it was someone's birthday on staff and their colleagues ordered a midget stripper dressed in police uniform. GIRL! I know!  We are all clutching our imaginary pearls while our eyes feasted on this sight!  All of the DJ must have taken a sip of super turn up juice because he was dropping the perfect mix at the perfect time.


This was most definitely a brunch experience to remember.  The service was great, the scenery was amazing, the mimosas runneth over and the black girls were fly! (You saw that coming) if you're ever uptown looking to brunch in an elegant yet comfortable, fluently nuanced space. Highly recommended!


More Info:

BTH (By the Hudson)

712 West 125th Street, New York, NY 10027

(212) 222-2841

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