Fly Girl Spotlight Ernestine Johnson



by Khai Clardy

The conscious, passionate, “Average Black Girl”, with a resonant demeanor,

Ernestine Johnson

Ernestine Johnson possesses the rare beauty of a black woman who genuinely acknowledges her surroundings and teachings enough in her own life to perpetuate those opinions and inquiries unto others without shame or discourse. Pleasantly, Ernestine Johnson has welcomed our community to view her world as we are living in what is taught to be a “post-racial society” where she disagrees with the common misperception of what it is to be a Black Girl. You may have seen her perform her masterpiece titled, “The Average Black Girl” on the Late Night Arsenio Hall show back in April 2014. If you didn’t, press play and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised with what this sista’s got to say.


Ernestine Johnson’s untamed and outlandish approach to spoken word has been showcased in several media outlets. I personally fell in love with her piece called, “Red Bottoms”, that has gone viral on social media where she exploits the beliefs of Black women where the “isms” planted from mental slavery has stunted our growth in the Black community. Johnson addresses the “single black female addicted to retail” philosophy with her opening line, “I know a woman who would f*** for a pair of red bottoms, suck and sell their soul for a pair of red bottoms” Johnson always drops knowledge when she speaks, she doesn’t just roar like a rebel without a cause but she gives light to the root of the consumerism, classism, and overall racism that prevents the black community from triumphing. Ernestine Johnson is a Queen, for sure, and is continuously spreading her truth through spoken word, expressing her thespian talents through film, and making her presence known through broadcast journalism. Her resume speaks volumes on the celebration of black talent and excellence. Ernestine Johnson is Black Girl Fly all day, every day, because she is unapologetically intelligent, strong, and pro-Black.

Khai Clardy is a Journalism student at Columbia College Chicago concentrating on Media/Magazine Writing Journalism. Her dream is to own her own magazine in the near future and she has started this journey by creating her own blog entitled The Kween Review. The focus of her blog is to discuss compelling topics within the black community, reviews on the latest entertainment and fashion news, and for her poetry. You can follow her on Instagram @kweenmyell and be sure to check out her blog at