Faux Locs Faux Pas


Trending recently are the tactless and insensitive remarks surrounding Zendaya Coleman's beautiful faux locs hairstyle worn to the Oscars this past Sunday. Zendaya glided across the red carpet in a cream colored Vivienne Westwood gown and her hair in gorgeous faux locs adorned with gold accessories. Her look made a statement on the red carpet so much so she appeared as a contender for "Best Dressed" on E!'s Fashion Police. As many of us watched, excited that the faux locs trend appeared on the star studded red carpet, co-host of Fashion Police, Guiliana Rancic said something that scratched everyone's record player making the music stop. She commented that Zendaya looked as though she smelled of "Patchouli Oils and Weed". Now Giuliana, in an effort to apologize to Coleman, Rancic took to her twitter account to tweet:



‏Giuliana followed with an apology via twitter:


Oh okay, so she was offending Bohemians, sorry the world misunderstood. Despite Rancic's apology, social media went in for the dragggg!

We all know that "Fashion Police" is messy and unnecessary which is why we tune in for a front row seat to all the glorious shade in the name of fashion of course. However, Ms. Rancic was mistaken when she sent for the 18 year-old young lady who politely gathered Rancic and quickly snatched her wig before sending her off. Zendaya took to Instagram to tell the world how she felt. She did an excellent job of hitting points that made her feel uncomfortable and challenged the ignorant to take a listen to India Arie's "I am Not My Hair" to broaden their horizons. In the words Ava DuVernay, Oscar nominated director of Selma, "You did us proud". You go Zendaya! Thank you for standing for your individuality and the individuality of those you love. Know that I am hashtagging the word 'Yass' with an infinite amount of "s's" in your honor.

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