Fall's Top 7 Fashion Trends

Although my usual go-to look is a solid t-shirt and jeans that bare my ankles, and giant gold hoops (think Joan on Girlfriends) I have decreed myself an expert on the top seven Fall fashion trends. I have come to the following conclusions based on intense research of the Instagram accounts of major fashion influencers, designers (indie and mainstream), bloggers, New York Fashion Week recaps, and of course my “gut feeling.” asi-top

Off The Shoulder Tops/Dresses

If you were one of the three people that were excited about the end of the off the shoulder trend, prepare to be disappointed. Bare shoulders will be here until winter sends them into hibernation, and if my predictions are correct, they will reappear with spring. Nab this top before it gets too cold.


Bold Powersuits

Do you follow @MariciaJosephs? If not, do so. If so, you’ve probably seen her rock gorgeous pantsuits from Asos in bold patterns. Follow Marcia’s lead and get one to wear to the winter office party. You’ll turn heads! Grab this suit or this blazer and pant, if you need it in plus.



Chokers began to creep back into mainstream fashion circles slowly and steadily over the last few months. Don’t be afraid to participate for fear of not finding one that compliments your style. Chokers made of lace, denim, rhinestones, or dramatic metals are all in. Make the perfect choker yourself with this easy DIY video.



Slinky velvet dresses peaked a few years back but receded almost as quickly as they had come. Capitalize on the newly revived obsession with the fabric by wearing this surprisingly sexy material as a thigh high boot or as a flirty dress like this one. Tip: Pair burgundy velvet with The Lip Bar’s Merlot to make a vamp statement that even Morticia Addams would envy.



Despite many folks Victorian era obsession with having the waist width of nine-year olds (see waist training) corsets worn as accessories are actually an edgy and fun look.  Blogger, @TheGirlYouDidntNotice gives us a clear example of how to rock the look without being on a runway here.


Ankle Boots

High block heel, pointed toe booties are the new wave. Think Yeezy Season Two, but less expensive. Check out this version that goes up to a size 11 for women.


Enamel Pins

Luckily for all of us enamel pins are only growing in their diversity and creativeness. Sites like Coloring Pins and Radical Dreams Pins are constantly producing pins that speak to the radical fly black girl in all of us! Grab a few pins to put on the inner collar of your boring white collared shirt, or attach a few to those “Not Yeezys” ankle booties.

"Create your own style, let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others." -Anna Wintour

Ashely TisdaleAshely Tisdale is a recent graduate of Florida A&M University. She earned my Bachelor’s degree in English, and is currently in the process of pursuing a PhD. She is a big sister, dreamer, prayer, girlfriend, and underemployed window shopping enthusiast. She thinks "Black Girls Are Fly because history has simultaneously deemed us un-credited trendsetters and undesirable. Despite these consistent inconsistencies, we celebrate ourselves." Find her: Boldbuxombeautiful.comStoriesofSisterhood.com

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