Exercising?! Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!



by Dr. Gameli Dekayie-Amenu

We could very well have started this article bluffing about how in shape we are. I mean of course we are in shape, we are doctors (cue triumphant music). Then, we would have proceeded to inform you that you should be getting 30 minutes of exercise 4-5 times a week, the benefits you can experience with exercising, the best time of that day you should exercise....you get the point.

But ain’t nobody got time to be lectured. And, unfortunately, it seems ain’t nobody got time to exercise either. Us included. I know! Shocker! But it’s true! We are not exempt from the challenge that can be fitness and we also don’t exercise as much as we should. We face the same hurdles of ‘getting it in’ that so many other women face everyday. Women have careers, partners, kids, family obligations, meetings, friendships, church, side hustles, oh and dont forget to squeeze in that oh so important “me” time (often the last thing on the list of priorities).

All we have to say ladies is that we hear you, we feel you, we are you! We get it, trust us. However, the benefits of exercise are indisputable. The time spent working out can actually make the rest of your time more productive and can be paired with some of the other things on your long to-do list that is your life. So, these tips to squeeze in some sweat sessions are not just lectures to be heard but some friendly doctorly advice from best friends who know that the struggle is real!

1. Take the Stairs- Your body can still benefit from short bursts of activity throughout the day. Skip the elevators and get your heart rate up with a climb up those stairs. Try taking just 5 minutes of your lunch break to climb some stairs in your office. Those short bursts do add up!

2. Kill Two Birds with One Stone- Why not use a sweat session as a mutli-tasking session as well? Get some girl time in by inviting your friend to a yoga class, catch up on the juiciest reality TV on the treadmill, or just zone out while you work out and get a quick mental break!

3. Squeeze in a Quickie- You know you love it! Well we do too! Squeezing in some nookie not only burns 145+ calories per 30 minute session, but has also been linked to higher relationship satisfaction. Our recommendation? Jump in the shower with your partner in the morning, get it in on the kitchen floor while you wait for the pasta to cook for dinner or how about just some good ol’ kissing, that can burn up to 90 calories in 30 minutes! Oh yeah....

4. Use your Surroundings- There are so many opportunities around you throughout the day to get it in. Going to the store? Park further from the exit so you have to walk more. Waiting for your takeout ? Take a walk around the block while you wait. Catching up with your favorite juicy show? Do crunches or jumping jacks with every commercial break. Cooking dinner? Use the counter to do some standing push ups.

5. Avoid Rush Hour- Instead of sitting in traffic for an hour and a half, exercise after work and let traffic die down. You probably will be get home around to same time anyway and go you for squeezing in a workout session! Look how easy it is to squeeze in some activity! Get it in anyway you can and every bit counts! Aim for 30 minutes of total activity, vigorous enough to make you sweat, most days of the week. Till next time ladies!


Dr. Gameli Dekayie-Amenu is an Emergency Medicine Physician practicing in Chicago. In addition to actively working as a physician, she has a strong passion for community outreach, women's health education and mentorship. She is the co- founder of Besties MD, a nonprofit organization developed to provide medical information regarding women's health issues on relatable sisterly level. Check them out on youtube.com/bestiesmd!